LG Versus Samsung Washers and Dryers: Which is Best?

Like so many other appliances today, the washer and dryer market is massive. Statista notes that, since the first washing machine was built and sold for domestic use in 1937, the washer and dryer set phenomenon has become an indispensable household staple. As a result, more than 80% of American households have a washing machine and dryer, adding up to $58.7 billion in the household appliance industry, as of 2020.
Most people have visited a laundromat at one time or another, but no one wants to. If you are tired of making visits to your laundry room or the local laundromat, it’s probably time to invest in your own set. But, again, with such a large industry, you might not know where to start. If you’ve pared your choices down to a few large brands, LG and Samsung, that can help streamline the process.
Let’s compare LG versus Samsung washers and dryers to see which one has the right option for you.

LG Washers and Dryers

LG offers a wide range of reputable washers and dryers. They have options with a range of prices, efficiency, savings, and overall value.

LG Washers

LG designs washers in any imaginable configuration and specifications you might want or need. Here are the top LG washer designs:
  • Front-Load Washers: LG designed its front-load washers with efficiency in mind. You don’t have to sacrifice capacity, smart features, or turbo-charged cleaning with these machines. Some top models include the 2.4 cubic foot smart Wi-Fi enabled compact front-load washer with built-in intelligence for $1,099 and the single unit front-load LG WashTower™ with CenterControl™ for $1,699.
  • Top-Load Washers: LG offers impeller and agitator top-load models that provide a classic style, modern cleaning capabilities, and a friendly price tag. One LG top-loader to consider is the 4.3 cubic foot capacity machine with 4-Way Agitator™ and TurboDrum Technology™ for $649.

LG Dryers

LG doesn’t approach dryers as afterthoughts to washing machines. Instead, the brand gives dryers the attention they deserve to extend the life of your clothes while ensuring convenience and care.
Let’s take a look at LG’s dryer options:
  • Gas Dryers: Gas dryers take drying a step further with built-in intelligence and TurboSteam. The leading LG gas dryer is the 7.3 cubic foot gas dryer with sensor technology. It costs between $749 and $799.
  • Electric Dryers: Electric dryers also do more than dry since they also include built-in intelligence and TurboSteam. The 4.2 cubic foot smart Wi-Fi enabled compact front-load dryer with Dual Inverter HeatPumpTM is a top LG dryer today, which comes with a mid-range price tag of $999.

Samsung Washers and Dryers

Like LG, Samsung has designed and built numerous appliances and electronics over the years, cementing the brand as a household name. The company’s washers and dryers offer the same quality as all its other offerings over the years. Let’s take a few moments to look at Samsung’s approach to washing machines and dryers.

Samsung Washers

Consumer Affairs recently shared a customer review that stated, “Samsung washers and dryers are everything they are cracked up to be. The price was great for both and well worth the money.”
Let’s take a look at the different Samsung washers available to learn more:
  • Front-Load Washers: One of the top Samsung front-load washers is the 4.5 cubic foot 5-cycle front-load washer with Vibration Reduction Technology+. It costs between $649 and $764.
  • Top-Load Washers: Samsung has multiple top-load options, but the one to watch is the 5.0 cubic foot high-efficiency top-load washer with Active WaterJet technology for between $699 and $764.

Samsung Dryers

Everyone loves pulling warm, soft, and dry clothes out of a clothes dryer. Samsung offers some great options to get your clothes dry in record time, including:

Protect Your Washer and Dryer with an Extended Warranty

Both brands offer a wide range of options that are sure to satisfy any requirements you may have. However, all appliances are prone to damage, either from early wear or manufacturing defects. To protect your washer and dryer, purchase an Upsie extended warranty.
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