Choosing the Best Third-Party Kenmore Appliance Warranty

From refrigerators to washing machines, Kenmore produces a variety of high-quality appliances known for delivering impressive durability and convenience. While these appliances can be stellar, however, they still call for extensive protection. After all, when an item of day-to-day importance breaks down, the process of getting it repaired can be stressful — particularly when warranty coverage is limited.
This guide discusses several important aspects of Kenmore warranties, including the value of third-party options. Keep reading to learn which Kenmore appliance warranty outshines the rest.

What to Know About Kenmore’s Manufacturer Warranty

Before selecting a third-party appliance warranty provider, it’s important to know what the standard manufacturer’s warranty from Kenmore does and does not cover. This can be complicated, as warranty coverage differs dramatically from one Kenmore appliance to the next.
In general, unfortunately, Kenmore’s coverage only extends to defects in workmanship or materials. Therefore, when non-defective parts break, the user may be responsible for covering the cost of repairs or replacements.
With Kenmore, warranties can differ between the components and the products as a whole. For example, limited warranties for washers technically only last for one year — but coverage for the driver motors on those washers extends for the lifetime of the appliance. Similarly, the appliance warranty for a Kenmore dryer may last just one year, but the warranty covers the drum and baffles for the dryer’s lifetime.

Why Opt for a Third-Party Kenmore Appliance Warranty?

While the warranties on specific Kenmore components can be impressive, the coverage for the appliances themselves could prove far more limited. Owners often prefer the peace of mind that comes with a third-party warranty.
With a third-party warranty, customers can purchase longer warranties that cover their appliance for up to five years. In addition, some third-party warranties are more comprehensive and offer a wider range of coverage.

Which Third-Party Kenmore Appliance Warranty Is Best?

After choosing to invest in a third-party Kenmore appliance warranty, it’s time to determine which solution provides the most extensive coverage for the most affordable price. For example, retailers sell warranties to customers as they check out with their new appliances.
However, retailers often inflate the warranty cost and offer less protection for the appliance. As a result, warranty professionals often recommend that customers avoid purchasing the warranty offered at the checkout counter.
Instead, customers should choose Upsie. This third-party option offers warranties for a wide array of beloved Kenmore appliances, including dishwashers, dryers, and built-in microwaves.
Under an Upsie appliance warranty, these and other appliances are protected from:
  • Power shorts
  • Heating or malfunctions
  • Drainage failures
Coverage can last between three and five years and overlaps with the manufacturer’s warranty. Once the manufacturer’s warranty ends, Upsie takes over, ensuring that your appliance always has coverage. In addition, Upsie warranties often cost up to 70 percent less than warranties offered by competitors.
Customers can purchase an Upsie warranty for major appliances bought within the last 11 months.

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