3 of the Best Smart Fridges in 2021 and How to Choose

There are many reasons why individuals and families may consider replacing their old refrigerators. For example, maybe the old refrigerator requires expensive repairs, a growing family could use more cooling space, or extra features appear worth the investment. Now more than ever, consumers are choosing to replace their old-style fridges with the latest connected technology.
People have relied upon electric refrigerators for over a century. Smart fridges only appeared about a decade ago but have grown increasingly popular. As an example, Statista calculated a global smart fridge market of approximately $2.5 billion in 2020. Within five years, they expect that market to double.
Look at some of the most popular connected refrigerators to help inform the task of shopping for the perfect, connected appliance.

Top Smart Fridges in 2021

U.S. News rated and reviewed popular smart fridges from well-known brands. To help consumers start comparing these high-tech appliances, consider three examples.

LG LFXS26973: Best Overall

The U.S. News editors ranked the LG LFXS26973 as the best overall choice. Attractive design features included French doors, a generous capacity, and dual ice makers. In addition, a built-in connection with the LG ThinQ app lets users set the temperature remotely and view alerts for potential issues.
This refrigerator officially retailed for $2,649, but some comparison shopping can uncover savings of at least a few hundred dollars.

Samsung RF28R7551: Large and Versatile

Even larger than the LG listed above, this model also offers French doors and freezer drawers. The FlexZone drawer also has four temperature settings, so people can use it as either extra freezer or fridge space.
This Samsung refrigerator stands out because of the Family Hub tablet on the door. The display lets users leave notes, find recipes, check the weather, see inside the fridge, and much more. Find out more about Family Hub Refrigerators by checking out this overview on Upsie. Prices start at a little over $3,400.

Samsung RT18M6215: Budget-Friendly Alternative to a Smart Fridge

With the freezer on top and typical doors, this model looks more like a traditional refrigerator. Technically, it lacks connectivity, but it does offer multiple electronic features. As an example, users can adjust the top freezer to cool and not freeze. That might prove handy for people who have a standalone freezer and need more fridge space.
At $749, this Samsung fridge has a lower price than any other model that made the rankings. A smaller storage capacity and the flexible freezer area make it suitable for tight spaces or for use as a second fridge.

The Best Extended Warranty for Smart, Connected Refrigerators

Smart refrigerators offer convenience and versatility that traditional fridges just cannot deliver. At the same time, they generally cost considerably more than their unconnected counterparts. They also come packed with connectivity and computer components.
More features introduce additional vulnerabilities, so prudent fridge buyers will want to consider protecting their investment with a solid protection plan.

The Benefits of Upsie Protection Plans for Smart Fridges

Upsie offers robust extended warranties for smart fridges that are up to 70 percent less expensive than competitors. In addition, they give customers up to 11 months to protect their new fridge. Because Upsie offers a better option, there’s no need to accept the confusing, high-priced warranty plan that a retailer offers at checkout.
A sample of Upsie benefits for large appliance warranties include:
  • Live customer claims 24-7 by phone or start the process online
  • In-home repairs from certified refrigerator technicians with no extra fees or deductibles
  • Coverage against mechanical, component, power, drain, and coolant failure
  • Replacements on the first claim when repairs don’t make sense
Most families hold onto their fridges for a long time. That makes it prudent to compare various brands and models to decide which one best satisfies needs and budgets. After purchasing your refrigerator, pair it with an Upsie warranty to get the most out of your new smart fridge. Upsie also offers protection plans for other appliances, outdoor tools, and electronics.

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