The Best Wine Cooler Warranty Plan Is From Upsie

A wine cooler fridge is a great purchase for wine collectors. It can store bottles at the perfect serving temperature, so you are guaranteed to get the best taste from your wine. Passionate wine collectors want to preserve their wine, which means you need your wine cooler to be running for a long time. And a wine cooler fridge is a significant investment. That’s why you should keep it protected with a wine cooler warranty to get your money’s worth.

Manufacturer Warranty

A wine cooler fridge, like other appliances, typically comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer but typically lasts one year and covers mechanical and workmanship defects. When considering the purchase of a warranty plan, be sure to check the manufacturer’s warranty first to see how long it lasts and what it covers.

Why Should I Buy a Wine Cooler Warranty?

Refrigerators are prone to problems with their cooling systems and water leaks, and a wine cooler fridge is no different. Some common problems that wine cooler fridge owners may experience are:
  • Issues with the cooling system
  • A water leak
  • Frost build-up
  • A noisy compressor
If one of these problems occurs after the manufacturer warranty period, you’ll be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement without an extended warranty plan.
A wine cooler warranty prevents you from deciding whether to pay the repair cost, which could be a couple of hundred dollars, or try to fix it yourself. Additionally, a good warranty plan will help you find a reputable technician and make an appointment for you.

Retailer Extended Warranty

If you buy your wine cooler fridge from a store, the sales representative will likely try to sell you an extended warranty plan. While the added protection may sound appealing, the cost of the retailer’s extended warranty plan may seem overpriced. And it probably is. You may wonder if the peace of mind is worth the extra charge?

Upsie Wine Cooler Warranty Plan

Wine cooler fridge owners don’t have to choose between appliance protection and saving money when purchasing an Upsie extended warranty plan. Upsie offers 3-year and 5-year comprehensive warranty plans with no deductible. For example, a wine cooler fridge that costs $600 is eligible for coverage for $79.99 for three years and five years for $129.99.  Upsie wine cooler warranty plans are more affordable than other major extended warranty plans from competitors such as Allstate, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Best Buy.
Upsie covers mechanical defects with motors, gears, internal tubing, other internal moving parts, and power, drain system, and cooling systems. If the technician can’t repair it on your first claim, Upsie will issue you a replacement. In addition, if you already made a claim on the plan and the appliance needs replacing, Upsie will refund the owner the remainder of the plan. For example, if your $800 wine cooler fridge needs replacement, but there was already a claim for a $100 repair, you will receive a refund for $700.

How it Works

Upsie wine cooler warranty plans are affordable and have the best customer service because they cut out the middle man. Customers just need to enroll their appliance within 11 months of purchase, and their coverage starts immediately. Then, customers can submit a claim 24/7/365, and one of their claims representatives will be there to take your call. After receiving your claim, Upsie will help schedule a certified repair technician to come to your home to repair your wine cooler fridge.
In conclusion, you shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg to protect your new appliance. Upsie’s affordable price, comprehensive coverage, always-available customer service, and in-home repair services make their wine cooler warranty plan the best.

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