Capresso Ultima Pro Is 2021’s Best Home Espresso Maker

Calling all coffee lovers! Are you looking for the best espresso machine for your home? If so, the verdict’s in.
According to Good Housekeeping, this year’s best home espresso machine is Capresso’s Ultima Pro. The Good Housekeeping Institute team recently tested a wide range of espresso makers to find the best option. Conducted in its exclusive technology lab, experts painstakingly evaluated machines from around a dozen of the best kitchen appliance brands.
Good Housekeeping considered a combination of manual, automatic, semi-automatic, and capsule espresso makers. Each was ranked on various attributes, including their ease of use, time to brew, taste, and consistency. The magazine’s lab even factored in how loud every machine was.

Best Home Espresso Maker 2021: Capresso Ultima Pro

The Capresso Ultima Pro came out as the clear winner in Good Housekeeping’s recent testing, thanks to its great value, simple interface, and milk-frothing steam wand. And value is an important factor because the Ultima Pro costs just $199.99. With that, it’s as much as $800 cheaper than other machines evaluated as a part of the same test.
The winner fought off stiff competition from over 20 other espresso makers. Among these were the runner-up, Nespresso’s VertuoPlus Deluxe, and, in third place, the Breville Barista Pro.
Comparatively, the $1,000 Quattro Force Digital Espresso Machine from Krups only managed to take eighth place overall. However, Good Housekeeping did credit the test’s most expensive option with being the easiest to use.
Yet, it’s the Capresso machine that reigns supreme, producing a hot, smooth cup of espresso. Good Housekeeping favored the Ultima Pro’s depth of flavor — one that wasn’t too bitter or acidic. The best home espresso maker of 2021 also produced a crema that was smooth and free of any noticeable air bubbles, according to the magazine’s experts.

Other Top-Ranked Espresso Machines

The Capresso Ultima Pro may have been named 2021’s best home espresso machine; however, the same device won’t suit every coffee lover. Those looking for ultimate convenience are likely to prefer a capsule coffee maker. Meanwhile, those with smaller kitchens may need a more compact device.
At the same time, true coffee aficionados will only be interested in more traditional or customizable coffee machines. With this in mind, the Good Housekeeping Institute ranked roughly a handful of further options on these and several other all-important criteria. The results are as follows:

How to Choose the Best Home Espresso Maker for Your Home

Like most appliances, espresso machines and coffee makers are rarely a one-size-fits-all proposition. The best home espresso maker for you may be different for another individual. Accordingly, it’s crucial to factor in a few key pieces of functionality when deciding on the best espresso machine for you personally.

Manual or Semi-Automatic?

With a manual espresso machine, it’s necessary to grind down the coffee beans yourself. Next, you will need to scoop and tamp the grounds into a filter. The machine manually pulls water through the grounds. It’s a highly customizable approach to making espresso, but one that’s also tricky to master.
Semi-automatic machines, on the other hand, still require the user to prepare the coffee beans in advance. However, everything beyond that is largely automated, including the size and style of the resulting drink.
Capresso’s Ultima Pro is a semi-automatic model, deemed by Good Housekeeping to suit the majority of users across the board. For a manual option, see the magazine’s top-rated traditional espresso machine, the Breville Bambino Plus.

Fully Automatic or Capsule?

Fully automatic espresso makers take things one step further. Here, the machine grounds and measures coffee beans for you. More expensive machines will even tamp the grounds, too. After selecting a preset or programmable option, the machine creates the perfect cup.
Last but not least, capsule espresso machines take care of everything from start to finish. Using ready-filled coffee pods, they’re the most consistent. As a result, there’s minimal scope for customization other than choosing a preferred pod type. Overall, drinks made with coffee pods are also much more expensive than those made using whole beans.
According to the Good Housekeeping Institute, the best-rated products here are the Krups Quattro Force Digital Espresso Machine and either Nespresso’s VertuoPlus Deluxe or the more compact Essenza Mini.

Best Home Espresso Machine Warranty

Whichever espresso maker you choose, don’t forget to lock in the peace of mind afforded by a comprehensive extended appliance warranty. All of the above devices are available with at least a one-year manufacturer warranty. Beyond that, a range of warranties offered by manufacturers and retailers can extend this warranty period from one to three years.
Alternatively, coffee lovers can save themselves up to 70 percent by choosing Upsie instead. Upsie’s extended appliance warranty packages are available for espresso machines, coffee makers, washers, dryers, refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, and more.
By cutting out the middleman, Upsie can offer premium warranties for a fraction of the cost. For example, a two-year Upsie warranty for Good Housekeeping’s best home espresso machine of 2021, the Capresso Ultima Pro, costs just $18.99 with no deductible.
To find out more or to purchase a comprehensive espresso machine warranty, head to or download the Upsie smartphone app to get started.

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