Good Choices for Cordless Vacuum Cleaners in 2021

In the past, everybody had to plan their vacuuming around the arrangement of outlets and the length of vacuum cords. These days, cordless vacuums provide almost unlimited reach. With surprising power, no cords to get tangled up, and light bodies, new cordless vacuums make it easier to clean more often and in more places.

Top Cordless Vacuums for 2021

Cordless vacuums may vary quite a bit in their power, effectiveness, and extra features. Some households rely upon cordless models as their only vacuum; however, other people just use them as a convenient tool for quick cleanups.
Obviously, the best cordless vacuum choice will depend upon how the machine will get used, personal preferences, and budgets. With that in mind, explore some great options on the market right now:
  • The best cordless vacuum for a bigger budget: Dyson pioneered the idea of cordless vacuums, and the Dyson V11 still leads the pack. It’s effective on various surfaces and easy to use. Unfortunately it’s also pricey; expect to pay about $650.
  • The best mid-priced cordless vacuum: CNET reviewers said the Shark Rocket Pet Pro worked almost as well as the Dyson V11. A retail price of just $250 makes it quite attractive. It pulls up pet hair, but just didn’t work quite as well as the Dyson on a low-pile rug.
  • The best value for a lower price: Most people have heard of Dyson and Shark. Still, anybody looking for a decent cordless vacuum for a little over $100 should consider the Moosoo M X6. It worked especially well on hard services and performed almost as well as expensive models on mid-pile carpet.

Common Problems With Cordless Vacuums

A Consumer Reports survey found that most cordless vacuums develop problems within a few years. Most commonly, users experience issues with the batteries. After use, some batteries may completely fail, and others just won’t hold a charge very long. These days, some manufacturers package an extra battery with the vacuum. Even if it’s not reserved as a backup, it can prove handy to have so the user can charge one battery while using the other one.
If a cordless vacuum doesn’t offer enough features and power, consider the high-end Dyson V15 Detect vacuum. It includes technology that will tell users if they’ve cleaned well or need to run over some spots again.

How to Protect an Investment in a Cordless Vacuum

Since vacuums play such an essential role in keeping homes clean, it can take some time to select the best one. After all, households may plan to rely upon their vacuum daily for years. To make certain that the vacuum keeps running well, it’s also a good idea to consider an extended warranty.
Not only will a cordless vacuum extended warranty from Upsie cover the costs of fixing the vacuum, the Upsie representatives will find certified technicians who will make high-quality, prompt repairs.
  • Offers access to certified technicians locally or through pre-paid shipping to a repair center
  • Covers power and mechanical failures
  • Offers a choice of two- and three-year protection plans
  • Costs less than other name-brand competitors and charges no deductible for service
Even more, Upsie lets customers register their vacuums up to 60 days after making a purchase. Enjoy peace of mind and clean floors by selecting an Upsie warranty to go with a new vacuum. Upsie offers protection plans for cordless, corded, and robot vacuums.

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