The New High-Tech Samsung Washer Even Includes AI

Most people don’t associate laundry day with the excitement of a high-tech experience. However, Samsung may change that with the WW9800T. While the machine won’t gather dirty laundry or, sadly, put clean clothes away, it can turn a lot of the drudgery of washing clothes into an automatic experience. Find out more about the AI-powered washing machine and other innovative Samsung washday appliances.

How Does the Samsung WW9800T Washing Machine Use AI?

According to CNET, the washing machine’s artificial intelligence will choose the best settings for the load. To accomplish this task, it will factor in personal choices with data from other users that it collects and stores in the cloud. In addition, the machine’s sensors can weigh the load and measure its soil level.
Using this information, this smart Samsung washing machine can figure out how much detergent and water to use, plus time its cycle. The company says that this washer generally completes cycles as much as 50% faster and reduces power consumption by about 20%. Even more, it can pass information on to compatible clothes dryers to help improve their performance.

What About Other High-Tech Samsung Washers?

The AI-powered Samsung WW9800T isn’t available in most markets yet. Still, people looking for innovation might consider the Samsung FlexDry + FlexWash Laundry System. This consists of a typical front-loaded washer and dryer pair. It’s unique because each unit has either a smaller top-loaded dryer or washer built over the larger units on the bottom.
Basically, this offers people the ability to wash and dry two loads of laundry at the same time. For example, one part of the machine can handle delicates while another runs on the heavy-duty cycle. Some people buy multiple sets of washers and dryers because they have so much laundry to handle. This pair won’t provide that much capacity; however, the Samsung washer’s easier and cheaper to install because it only requires one water line.
The FlexDry + FlexWash Laundry system may not include the latest artificial intelligence, but it does connect to phones with Samsung’s Smart Home app. With the app, users can monitor progress and start or stop cycles.
Some other features of this Samsung set include:
  • The big dryer also has Samsung’s MultiSteam tech for wrinkle-, odor-, and bacteria-free laundry.
  • Users can customize temperature zones on the small dryer.
  • The FlexWash includes a one-cubic-foot top-loader and a five-cubic-foot front-loader.

How to Keep Samsung’s High-Tech Washers and Dryers in Good Repair

According to HomeAdvisor, the average repair bill for a washing machine averages $175 but could exceed $450. These new, cutting-edge machines contain a lot more moving parts, delicate sensors, and advanced electronics. It’s fair to assume that repairs could grow more complex and in turn, more expensive.
To keep from having to budget for new washers and dryers, plus repairs, consider the benefits of buying an appliance warranty. The warranty should offer a convenient way of keeping necessary and expensive appliances in tip-top shape. Not only can extended appliance warranties from Upsie help pay for repairs, they also offer access to a network of certified, local repair shops that will provide in-home services.
Affordable Samsung washer and dryer warranties cover appliances for three or five years, and either option costs less than the price of an average repair. They can do more than pay for themselves if they defray the cost of just one in-home visit. Most of all, Upsie’s customer service reps are standing by 24/7 every day of the year to process claims and arrange in-person repair visits from certified technicians. After all, the laundry cannot wait too long.

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