Freezer Not Working? Follow These Simple Steps

Few household appliances are taken for granted quite like the trusty freezer. Nobody expects to open the freezer to find melting ice cream, water puddles in the ice cube tray, or spoiled meat.
Unfortunately, even the most reliable appliances break down from time to time — and the freezer is no exception. Thankfully, there are ways to bring a broken icebox back to life. To help, we’ve provided tips and tricks that can diagnose common freezer problems, and hopefully, provide a quick fix. Here’s what to do if your freezer is not working.

The Most Common Freezer Problem

It can be tempting to pack the freezer with as many items as possible. While it’s great to have multiple frozen pizzas, pints of ice cream, or other goodies available at a moment’s notice, this tactic of cramming the freezer full of items could be the main culprit behind its seemingly sudden malfunctions.
When a freezer is too full, it can’t circulate air to the vents properly. This will lead to the internal temperature rising. Next, the rising temperature will force the motor inside the freezer to work even harder to maintain a low temperature. If this problem persists, it’s only a matter of time before the motor burns out and the freezer goes down for the count.
The easiest way to prevent this issue? Make sure the freezer isn’t packed from top to bottom or side to side with food. Leave a little room between each item to ensure proper air circulation and routine operation of the motor.

Other Potential Freezer Problems

While overfilling the freezer is liable to cause damage, other issues can also strike when least expected. Issues to watch for include the following:

Clogged Defrost Drain

After defrosting a freezer, the built-up condensation and water drain via the defrost drain. However, if the defrost drain isn’t draining all that water, it could cause serious problems.
Sometimes ice buildup can be the culprit. In this case, the solution is quite simple: a syringe full of hot water will quickly melt away the ice and clear the drain. For particles that aren’t ice, hit the area with a can of compressed air to blow out any obstructions.

Freezer Is Too Cold

It seems like an oxymoronic problem — how could a freezer possibly be too cold? Still, anyone who has ever opened a gallon of ice cream only to find a palace of ice crystals making their home on a sea of freezer-burned Ben & Jerry’s knows just how much of a pain a too-cold freezer can be.
This all begs the question: what causes a freezer to operate in such a chilly manner? Most of the time, the air damper is to blame. This device regulates how much cold air transfers from the freezer to the refrigerator.
Should this problem arise, the solution might be straightforward: inspect the damper to see if it is physically stuck in a closed position. If this is the case, then it isn’t circulating air properly and should be fixed or replaced altogether. If you’re ever in doubt and your freezer is not working, it’s better to call in the experts.

Protecting Your Freezer With a Warranty

It’s never too early in a freezer’s lifecycle to spring for an appliance extended warranty. However, customers should avoid purchasing warranties from pricey store retailers that don’t cover the important potential issues.
Upsie provides affordable plans and robust coverage. At Upsie, it’s never a secret as to what is covered or how much it costs. This transparency ensures a hassle-free experience that provides valuable peace of mind.
If a customer’s freezer breaks, they can call Upsie’s 24/7 claims center to get help. Upsie’s reliable network of repair shops and certified repair professionals will be able to fix the freezer promptly and conveniently.
In addition, Upsie allows customers to make unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the appliance. It’s never too early in a freezer’s lifestyle to purchase an extended warranty. Upsie lets customers purchase freezer warranties up to 11 months after buying the freezer.

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