Samsung Versus LG Stove and Ovens

Samsung and LG are two of today’s top kitchen appliance brands, with both offering a wide variety of stoves and ovens. But which is the better choice?
Let’s find out by making a side-by-side comparison of a Samsung versus LG stove and oven, looking at pricing, features, and overall performance.

LG Stove and Oven

Headquartered in South Korea, LG has been around since 1958 and is the world’s second-largest electronics maker after only Samsung. And when it comes to appliances, they’re a true industry leader. In both 2020 and 2021, LG was ranked as number one in customer satisfaction.
Pricing on an LG stove and oven combo starts at $849 for the basic 6.3 cu Ft. Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Electric Range with EasyClean. Their most expensive product, the LG STUDIO 9.4 cu. Ft. Smart InstaView Electric Double Built-in Wall Oven costs $4,099. Overall, you can expect to pay between $1,000 to $2,000 for an LG oven and stove, which is slightly higher than similar Samsung products.
As for features, they’re quite robust. Many products, for example, include an AirFry feature, EasyClean for fast 10-minute cleaning, versatile cooktop elements, and a PrintProof finish to avoid smudging. Also, many LG stove and oven products come with ThinQ Care which connects to the ThinQ app to provide usage and maintenance notifications to keep it running smoothly.
When it comes to performance, LG definitely gets the job done with the oven convection system being particularly impressive. And because LG ranges produce heat from the back, while Samsung does not, this makes for even heat distribution and ultra-efficient baking and roasting.

Samsung Stove and Oven

Also based out of South Korea, Samsung got its start as a grocery store in 1938 and started producing electronics in 1969. Today Samsung is one of the world’s top electronics brands and was ranked as the third best appliance brand in 2020.
Overall, pricing on a Samsung stove and oven is a little less than LG. Their most affordable product, the 5.9 cu. Ft. Freestanding Electric Range, currently retails for $729. And their most expensive product, the 6.3 cu. Ft. Smart Slide-in Induction Range costs $3,779.10. Across the board, your average Samsung stove and oven costs between $750 and $1,600.
In terms of features, Samsung has plenty to offer, with some of the most notable being:
  • The FlexDuo removable divider that allows you to “convert one oven into two to cook multiple dishes at once”
  • Air frying
  • Dual convection
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Soft close door
  • Self/steam clean
As for overall performance, Aztec Appliance gives a slight edge to Samsung, saying “these products offer higher-powered cooking features and unique amenities at a generally lower price point than many LG ranges.” The Samsung stove in particular packs a punch and produces more power than a similar LG.

Samsung Versus LG Stove and Ovens: Who Wins?

Both LG and Samsung are highly respected appliance brands and both offer a superb stove and oven lineup. But looking at the big picture, we have to say Samsung gets the win, mainly due to their next-level performance and affordability. That said, the fact that LG ranges produce heat from the rear is a plus, especially if you plan on baking frequently.
But for your average consumer, we typically recommend a Samsung stove and oven.

Do You Need an Extended Warranty?

One last thing to consider when buying a Samsung or LG stove or oven is an extended warranty. Given most products cost at least $700 and only come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, we usually suggest getting extended coverage. That way once the manufacturer’s warranty ends, you’re still covered for the long haul against product defects, mechanical failure, power failure, drain failure, and more.
And it’s cheaper than you may think if you choose a third-party provider like Upsie. In fact, Upsie has plans that cost up to 70 percent less than what you would pay at a retailer. Currently, a Samsung stove and oven combo product priced between $750 and $999.99 is $98.99 for a three-year warranty and $154.99 for a five-year warranty.
Claims can conveniently be made 24/7 and we’ll schedule a repair or replacement. And you can always make changes to your plans through your dashboard. You can get a full overview of how Upsie works here for more information.

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