Are Smeg Home Appliances Worth the Money?

Major home appliance companies compete to produce high-tech solutions, like connected ranges and fridges. Of course, sometimes it feels like these new appliances offer expensive solutions to fairly trite problems.
Do most people really need a fridge that alerts them when food approaches the expiration date or a dryer that sends texts when the cycle ends? Even if these handy features offer some value, lots of budget-minded consumers wonder if they’re really worth paying several hundred dollars for.
Many consumers just want to buy a reliable, energy-efficient machine that does its job, like with Smeg home appliances.

What’s Different About Smeg Home Appliances?

Anybody who buys a Smeg home appliance doesn’t have to worry about paying extra money for connectivity to apps. Instead, this Italian brand courts shoppers who will pay more for stylish appliances that don’t necessarily do more than their basic counterparts.
In fact, one CNET reviewer called the Smeg C30GGRU a fairly mediocre oven hiding under a stylish exterior. She admitted that the bright-red paint job offered a distraction. Yet, when the reviewer tested its performance against other well-known brands, it did not perform as well. It possibly didn’t even perform as well as Smeg had advertised. But, if you’re not a chef or hobby baker, that might not matter to you.

What Are the Best Smeg Home Appliances?

What Are the Best Smeg Home Appliances?
Some Smeg appliances did earn praise from reviewers. Home cooks who want to add a little more style to their kitchens might consider paying a bit more for glamour. Start by considering a couple of high-quality small appliances from Smeg.

Smeg ECF01 Espresso Machine

Tech Radar highlighted the retro look of this espresso and coffee machine. It looks more like an old-style mixer than a typical coffee machine. It takes a little time to master the machine. However, it can produce barrista-level coffee brews. The Smeg espresso machine costs $499. So, if you buy more than two fancy coffee drinks per week, you would make your money back in just one year.

Smeg KLF03 Electric Kettle

The Art Deco style of this electric kettle makes it look like an old-time coffee pot. It features a 360-degree base, variable temperature settings, and 3,000 watts of power. It also comes in several colors, including white, black and pink. As a bonus, Smeg also offers matching toasters. The electric kettle starts at $169, but some limited designer prints might retail for as much as $650.

Who Should Consider Buying Smeg Appliances?

This Italian manufacturer offers very stylish but expensive appliances, so anybody who values style as much as substance in the kitchen might consider splurging. Most reviewers shy away from recommending any large Smeg appliances to people without unlimited budgets, but lots of folks might consider purchasing one of their small appliances as a decorative touch and conversation piece.
On the other hand, more budget-minded folks can find high-quality appliances from less-expensive brands and save the extra funds to invest in other kinds of decorative items to spruce up the kitchen. As an example, consider these new appliances from Black and Decker. The appearance might not start conversations, but they’re reliable and priced affordably.

Warranties for Smeg Appliances

Anybody who splurges on a Smeg fridge, espresso maker, or oven will want to make sure it performs well for as long as possible. Luckily these people can save money on an affordable, robust Upsie warranty for small appliances and major appliances.
Robust coverage includes protection against all sorts of problems, including mechanical, power, and heating failures. Best of all, Upsie beats the competition on customer service, coverage, and flexible repair options.

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