The Best Chainsaw Maintenance Tips

Chainsaws are essential tools for anyone with a lot of trees on their property. Like other outdoor tools, there are both gas and electric varieties. Whatever model you decide to purchase, follow these chainsaw maintenance tips to ensure yours is maintained properly and lasts as long as possible.

How do you take care of a chainsaw?

It is extremely important to keep your chainsaw air filter clean. Doing so will ensure your chainsaw operates at optimal performance for a long period of time. It’s also important to keep the chain sharp. You can take it into a shop or do it yourself.

How often should you service a chainsaw?

Different parts of the chainsaw need to be serviced at different times. For example, the chain oil should be refilled every time that you refuel. Also, according to Handy Man Tips, “To keep your bar in top shape you should turn the guide bar every time the chain is changed so that it will wear evenly.”

How do you maintain an electric chainsaw?

It’s common for an electric chainsaw chain to become oily and dirty. Carefully clean it with a soft cloth and a can of compressed air. Like it’s gas-powered counterparts, it’s important to check the chainsaw bar frequently. Chainsaws are very powerful tools and they can be dangerous if not maintained properly. If anything starts to wear out or work less efficiently, replace it.

Will a gas powered chainsaw last longer than a battery operated one?

The lifespan of a chainsaw depends entirely on how well you maintain it and how often you use it. Wear and tear is natural, but there is no set lifespan for a chainsaw like there is with a lawn mower. As long as you keep up with chainsaw maintenance so it stays in great shape, your chainsaw could be with you for ten or more years.

Is an extended warranty worth it for a gas or battery powered chainsaw?

Maybe. It’s important to look at the manufacturer warranty that comes with the chainsaw. How many years does it last and what does it cover? If the manufacturer warranty lasts for only one to two years, an extended warranty from a company like Upsie is a smart addition. They extend the manufacturer coverage so you are covered for longer. However, if the manufacturer warranty lasts for three or more years, an extended warranty is unnecessary because they typically do not last for more than three to five years.

What is covered under the warranty plan for chainsaws?

Upsie chainsaw warranties extend the manufacturer warranty that comes with the chainsaw. Plans typically cover mechanical failure, power failure and cooling issues. The great thing about Upsie warranties is that there are no deductibles or service fees. And, if your chainsaw was purchased for under $500, Upsie will simply replace it when it breaks.

What if my chainsaw cannot be repaired?

What is the best way to store a chainsaw?

After cleaning, store the chainsaw indoors, away from splashing water and children’s curious hands. Some people prefer storing their chainsaw in a cupboard. You can also purchase a protective case for your chainsaw for extra protection.

How do I winterize my chainsaw?

Before you store your chainsaw away for winter, empty the fuel tank completely. Next, remove the chain and guide bar and clean them well. It’s also useful to spray them with a protective oil.
If you’re interested in learning more about chainsaw warranties, contact Upsie on their website or via Facebook or Twitter.

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