Do You Need a Power Tool Warranty?

Today’s power tools range in price from under $50 to $1,000 or more. Manufacturers build power tools to last and design them to tackle all manner of tricky and often challenging tasks. Popular brands include Black & Decker, Bosch, DeWalt, Makita, and Milwaukee. According to market research firm Statista, over 80 percent of consumers reportedly own at least one power tool.
What’s more, further figures show that over half of all Americans have at least five power tools, while close to a quarter own ten or more. So, it’s more than likely that you, too, own at least a drill or an electric screwdriver. But, do you need a warranty? The short answer, by and large, is yes.
Despite being built to last, no power tool is indestructible or immune to any number of common faults. And unless you can afford to replace or potentially spend significant sums of money repairing what you own, an extended warranty is a great idea.
Warranties are readily available and surprisingly affordable if you shop around. They’re also considered among the best ways to prolong any power tool’s life, including electric saws, nailers, and routers.
Upsie’s power tool warranties, for example, are fully comprehensive, and they offer a range of policies, each boasting a wealth of carefully tailored benefits.
Let’s take a closer look at the main benefits of comprehensive power tool warranties more generally.

Benefits of a Power Tool Warranty

Save Money

Faulty power tools are invariably expensive to fix. However, by taking out a comprehensive warranty, especially one with a low or $0 deductible, there’s no need to be concerned about costly repairs in the event of a breakdown in the future. With that, a small outlay in terms of the price of an extended tool warranty can help to prevent potentially hundreds of dollars worth of repairs down the line.

Peace of Mind

Worrying about faults or failures with any piece of equipment can be a source of ongoing concern. An extended warranty is a great way to prevent issues by ensuring peace of mind. With a warranty, you are safe in the knowledge that potential issues are covered. There’s no better way to take the worry out of power tool ownership in regards to faults, failures, and countless other eventualities.


Worse than repairing a faulty power tool is an eventual need to replace it — something that’s, without exception, a costly proposition. Second only to regular, scheduled maintenance, extended warranties are the best way to extend any power tool’s usable life. By keeping them in tip-top condition, a comprehensive warranty can help to extend the life of power tools like electric sanders, staplers, and planers significantly.

Other Considerations

When choosing a power tool warranty, look for one that’s fully comprehensive, both in terms of coverage and other benefits. For example, Upsie covers mechanical faults, power failures, cooling issues, and more. Furthermore, they offer a choice of different repair options, and include unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the device. In addition, policies are also fully transferable.
Many extended warranties and service contracts are also available elsewhere, including directly from manufacturers like Black & Decker and via retailers such as Lowe’s. So, which should you choose, and why? To work that out, it’s necessary to factor in one other key point: the cost of coverage.
Extended warranties sold by manufacturers are generally the most expensive, followed by those sold by big-box retailers. Yet, that doesn’t mean that they’re the best. Read on to find out why.

Best Power Tools Warranty

The best power tool warranties are those that are the most comprehensive. Manufacturers’ policies may seem like the obvious choice. However, they’re often subject to limitations, as are those provided by big-box retailers. With that, having a claim approved may not be as straightforward as you might imagine.
At the same time, costs can vary wildly. This includes both the cost of coverage and any deductible amount that must be paid in the event of a claim. Unfortunately, a higher price seldom indicates a higher level of either service or coverage. Instead, a large portion of the cost of many warranty packages simply pays for one or more intermediaries.
Sky-high price markups then account for much of the rest of whatever fee is charged. Thankfully, Upsie is on hand to challenge this approach to the sale of all-important extended warranties.

Choose Upsie and Save Up to 70 Percent on a Power Tool Warranty

Upsie cuts out unnecessary markups to provide a service that’s fair and affordable. As a result, consumers can save up to 70 percent compared to the cost of coverage sold by manufacturers, retailers, and other warranty providers.
Additional benefits of choosing an outdoor equipment or tool warranty from Upsie include:
  • Unlimited claims up to a tool’s original purchase value
  • No deductibles when making a claim
  • Fast, no-cost access to expert local tool repair shops and in-home repairs
  • Free round-trip shipping for repairs
  • Generous eligibility terms for all tools and outdoor equipment
  • File claims 24/7/365 online or by calling Upsie’s claims center
Don’t overpay for power tool warranties – choose Upsie instead. Moreover, it’s often not too late to cancel an overpriced retailer warranty and make the switch to Upsie today. Find out more at

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