The ASUS ROG Phone 5 is Designed Specifically For Gaming

Apple and Samsung may have a stranglehold on the consumer smartphone market — but that isn't stopping companies like ASUS from carving out a niche of their own. Long trusted as a quality maker of PC components as well as laptops and monitors, ASUS is gearing up to offer fans another gaming-focused product: the ROG Phone 5. The goal? To sway consumers from automatically opting for the typical iPhone or Galaxy. Keep reading to see for yourself whether ASUS is capable of winning over Apple and Samsung enthusiasts:

Performance and Display

With the latest ASUS device, there's no need to worry about lag time or stuttering. The ROG Phone 5 offers a combination of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip, combined with a 144Hz AMOLED display from Samsung. Together, these features will win over performance-oriented consumers.
The 5G-capable Snapdragon 888 offers up to 25 percent faster CPU performance, as well as a 35 percent increase in GPU performance. As such, there will be no compromises when it comes to running your favorite games at maximum settings. Thanks to the stunning screen and its silky smooth 144Hz refresh rate, everything you play and watch will look fabulous.
Another important consideration: the ROG Phone 5's screen boasts some impressive HDR and color accuracy features. It’s the kind of eye-pleasing technology that must be seen in person to fully appreciate.

Gaming-Focused Features

Most high-end phones offer a dazzling screen and cutting-edge CPUs, so what sets the ROG Phone 5 apart from the competitors? The answer is simple: a clear emphasis on gaming. Central to this effort: the ASUS AirTrigger 5 control system, which offers three unique ways to interact with your phone. PC gaming veterans who understand the importance of heat management will love the AeroActive Cooler 5 —a clip-on external fan that can lower temperatures by up to 15 degrees Celsius.
Motion controls are becoming more popular in mobile games — and the ROG Phone 5 is ready to meet the demands of anything you throw at it. With ten different motion controls available, you can customize movements to better suit your playing style. While motion controls are fun for some users, others crave the tangible feeling of pressing physical buttons. Thankfully, the ROG Phone 5 features two ultrasonic side sensors that act as shoulder buttons. These are perfect for shooters and racing games.

Battery Life and Dimensions

Featuring a 6000 mAh high-capacity battery, the Asus ROG Phone 5 provides nearly a day's worth of charge. Quick-charge capabilities are also included. This is essential for any on-the-go gamer eager to get in a quick session.
When it comes to physical size, the ROG Phone 5 resembles the Samsung Galaxy S21 at 6.8 inches. That being said, the ROG Phone 5 is slightly heavier than most premium phones in the category. This stems, in large part, from the added gaming-centric tech under the hood.


All of the aforementioned power and performance packed into the ROG Phone 5 comes at a significant price. The entry-level version of the phone retails for about $950. Then the midrange and high-end versions going for about $1050 and $1200 respectively. This price may give some consumers pause, particularly because it comes without the Apple or Samsung name. Still, given everything included in the package, some gaming enthusiasts may find it to be quite a bargain.

Protect Your ROG 5 with an Extended Warranty

Whether you ultimately choose to purchase the Asus ROG 5 or another device, you will have the opportunity to also get an extended warranty for your smartphone. This may be offered through your retailer of choice, but you'll discover significant savings if you obtain a subscription warranty through Upsie. This approach is valuable in that it cuts out the middleman, passing along the savings to you. As a result, Upsie's warranties cost just $9.99 and customers can cancel at any time with no fees or penalties. Meanwhile, you'll receive protection from common problems and accidents such as drops and liquid damage.
Depending on your personal preferences, you can quickly get your device repaired at a certified local shop — or ship it in with a postage-paid label and box. Remember, the cost of replacement out of pocket can be significant, so it's worth your while to seek the peace of mind that only an extended warranty can provide.

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