Updates for the Galaxy S21 FE Specs and Release Date

Samsung has already put 2021’s Galaxy S21 on the market, but they haven’t yet introduced every model, according to TechRadar. TechRadar speculated that the Galaxy S21 FE, or Fan Edition, will come out later this year.
Some reports suggest the phone will come out in the middle of August at the earliest. Find out if it’s worth it to wait for the FE or not.

Specs and Speculation for the Galaxy S21 FE

Samsung will probably release the Galaxy S21 FE as a more affordable option than the S21. At least, that’s a fair comparison of the S20 FE vs. the S20. Still, expect the price and quality of a mid- to high-end smartphone.
While Samsung hasn’t released the price, it’s probably helpful to notice that the S20 FE typically retails between $500 and $600 at online retailers. On the other hand, Samsung actually released this year’s S21 at a lower price than last year’s S20.
Based on speculation and leaks, the FE might have a somewhat larger case and display screen than the base model. Also, it may come with a larger battery. It’s possible that Samsung will cut costs by including a less-powerful chip.
In any case, TechRadar gave the S21 mostly good reviews; however, they said people who didn’t mind paying for the best experience should opt for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. At the same time, they believe the S21 FE will provide an interesting alternative for people who want the features of a flagship phone for less money than top-line models generally cost.

Who Needs a Galaxy S21 Protection Plan?

Because of the pandemic, phone manufacturers had to contend with supply chain and staffing issues. This year’s releases generally came out later than normal. Still, consumers will have plenty of choices for 2021 smartphones. With models to suit every budget and requirement, shoppers should figure out a budget and then spend some time comparing various features. While it’s great to have a wealth of options, the abundance of new phones can make picking out the perfect match a bit harder.
On the other hand, everybody should find the decision to choose Upsie an easy one. Nobody wants to waste the time they spent finding the perfect phone or the money they spent on the device. Despite the best efforts of the most careful phone owner, phones often develop problems because of accidents or unexpected defects. Those phone owners need to know how to get their devices fixed quickly and correctly.
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How to Get an Upsie Galaxy S21 Protection Plan

For new or used phones bought within the past 120 days, start by answering a couple of questions about the purchase on the Samsung extended warranty page. Take a moment to review the transparent details about plan coverage and prices. Then buy a protection plan online, register the phone, and relax.
You already took care of the hardest part. After this, Upsie will help take care of the rest.

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