The Latest Apple iPhone 13 Rumors and Leaks

Every year for the past decade, rumors about the next iPhone release have consistently been one of the buzziest stories in tech. In part, this is because Apple is famously tight-lipped about its upcoming plans. Another aspect is just how popular its devices have become, especially among creatives and students.
The popularity of Apple devices has helped the company turn its actual product announcement events into much-hyped media events. But this popularity has also made every rumor and morsel of information that leaks out ahead of the official event that much more tantalizing.
It’s still early in the year for definitive iPhone news, but there have already been plenty of leaks and reliable iPhone 13 rumors. While nothing in this article comes with a 100% guarantee, here are the best iPhone 13 rumors.

Release Date

Since the very early days of iPhone, major releases have almost all been in the fall — somewhere in the September through November range. Last year’s iPhone 12 series was announced in mid-October. The two standard sizes were released just 10 days later on October 23, while the Mini and the Pro Max models were delayed until November 13.
This year, the global chip shortage could cause some supply chain issues for Apple. You can still expect a fall release, but it might be on the later side, not the earlier side.

Form Factor Updates

The iPhone 12 Mini hasn’t sold particularly well, leading to early speculation that Apple would drop the small size. Small phone lovers, rejoice, though: at this point, analysts expect the iPhone 13 to come in the same four varieties as this year’s iPhone 12. So there will likely be a 5.4-inch Mini, 6.1-inch standard and Pro models, and a 6.7-inch Pro Max model.
Expect the general body style and size to remain the same. That said, there will be some minor form factor changes this year.

The Notch

Early dummy units reported by 9to5Mac show a much smaller notch for this year’s iPhone. At least on some models, the notch shrinkage also results in moving the earpiece speaker ever so slightly.
Now, it’s important not to put too much stock in dummy units. These — when legitimate — are crude placeholders based on Apple schematics that have leaked within the supply chain. Case makers, in particular, want to get their hands on schematics earlier than Apple wants them to have them. But some are based on outdated specs, and some have been proven to be fakes entirely.
Regardless, a smaller notch is certainly a sensible change, so this one seems legit.

The Camera Module

If you thought this year’s camera module was a bit big for its britches, watch out. Those same dummy models suggest that the camera module could grow to accommodate even larger lenses.
Photos on the iPhone 13 are going to look even better than the already excellent results from the iPhone 12 series. But especially on the Mini, these gargantuan lenses are starting to seem like overkill.


Every model year involves a new custom processor from Apple with bold claims about performance gains over last year’s chips. Expect the same this year with what will likely be named the A15 chip. Apple’s chips are always excellent, and this one will be as well.
If the iPhone 12 has an Achilles heel, it’s battery life. Those first-gen 5G modems are bulky battery hogs. Apple is widely expected to switch to a more power-efficient 5G modem this year, improving battery life in the process.


With most of the changes being more iterative than revolutionary, it’s possible that Apple will return to its s convention this year. That said, Apple hasn’t done so since expanding the lineup; iPhone 12s Pro Max might just be one syllable too many. If Apple doesn’t land on iPhone 12s, the other likely choice is, of course, iPhone 13.

Colors and Finishes

There aren’t any credible rumors yet about final color choices for this year’s iPhone release. There’s one weak report that matte finishes are coming back, including a potential matte black option. But on this point, it’s a waiting game.

Long Shots

There are always tons of rumors out there of varying quality. The ones below are possible improvements that seem less likely for this year at this point. Will Apple surprise everyone by sneaking one of these in? You’ll have to wait and see.
  • In-display Touch ID: a secure alternative to Face ID that could come this year or next
  • ProMotion Display: 120Hz refresh is a battery hog, but with battery improvements, could this be the year?

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