Should You Buy Google’s New Pixel 5G Phone?

Released on September 30, 2020, along with the Pixel 4a 5G phone, Google calls the Pixel 5 “the ultimate 5G Google phone.” Based on early feedback, perhaps the word “ultimate” should be replaced with “one of the newest.”
In this post, we’ll discuss feedback on the Pixel 5G from around the industry. We’ll include the pros and cons, including the limitations that might make it less than the “ultimate” phone. Does the Pixel 5 have the features and performance you want? Is it worth its $699 retail price? Here’s a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Good About the Pixel 5G

  • This phone works on LTE and 5G networks. You can buy the phone configured for Verizon or Google Fi (AT&T is conspicuously missing at press time), or you can buy it unlocked at no added cost, which means you can use it with any of the major carriers.
  • Google claims you will enjoy “all day” service because the phone comes with a 4080 mAh battery. Then, using the Extreme Battery Saver option, which turns off various functions including 5G connectivity, the battery can power the phone for up to 48 hours. At 4080 mAh, that’s more than triple the capacity of the 1200 mAh battery used in the older Pixel 4.
  • Pixel 5G supports Qi wireless charging using an optional charger. But what sets this phone apart is its ability to share its battery power wirelessly with other devices. For instance, in a pinch, you could recharge your wireless earbuds using your phone, although doing so would drastically reduce the phone’s battery reserve.
  • The main camera is the same 16MP device that Google used on earlier Pixel phones, but the 5G boasts a new, ultra-wide-angle 16 MP alternative. That makes it easier to capture landscapes, groups of people, and the like without having to step so far back that you’re taking a “long-distance” shot where you can’t see details on peoples’ faces, for instance.
For those who like to study detailed specs, this page from GSM Arena tells all.

The Bad

Defining the “bad,” about Pixel 5G depends upon how you evaluate the phone. You can point to the features you feel are missing and the ones you don’t like. Or you can compare it to other phones and show how it compares poorly. With those thoughts in mind:
  • The Pixel 5G comes with 128GB of storage, but you can’t upgrade it. Even worse, there’s no microSD slot that would allow you to plug in more storage. Likewise, the phone is only available with 8GB of RAM and there’s no option to expand RAM.
  • Unlike earlier Pixel phones, the 5G doesn’t use a top-of-the-line CPU. Qualcomm ranks its Snapdragon 765G as a mid-range processor, with the Snapdragon 865 occupying the flagship position. While the 765G used in the Pixel 5G costs less and delivers enough performance to satisfy many users, the benchmark specs for the two CPUs vary wildly in favor of the 865.
CPU Snapdragon 865 Snapdragon 765G
CPU Performance 86 49
Gaming Performance 96 45
NanoReview Score 89 56
Google announced the Pixel 5G at the same time as the $499 Pixel 4a 5G. While the two phones have a lot in common, some ask whether the added features on the Pixel 5G model justify a $200 price difference. Could the less costly Pixel be a smarter buy? Here’s CNET’s comparison between the two phones for those who might want to drill deeper.

The Ugly

While there’s nothing ugly about the Pixel 5G, the thought of losing it through an accident is about as ugly as things get. This is especially true after spending so much money and coming to rely on your phone for so many things.
Google warranties the phone for one year and offers its triple-R remedy: They’ll repair the phone, replace it, or refund the purchase price for one year. But, as usual with smartphone manufacturers, Google’s warranty fails to cover a multitude of hazards that could damage or destroy your phone. They generally fall into the “accident” category with exclusions for damage from liquids and immersion, sharp objects, drops, exposure to excessive force and others. The standard warranty even excludes damage from normal wear and tear.

Upsie Offers the Solution People Want

Upsie, on the other hand, can give you the protection you want. They sell subscription warranties that cover your phone for up to five years. You can think of these as service contracts or smartphone insurance that give you peace of mind when you need repair service.
Check out Upsie’s page that lists the coverages you get. They include repairs for 10 different categories of damage. Then, visit the Smartphone Warranty page for further information about the array of phones Upsie protects. (Hint: It’s all smartphones, both old and new, sold and purchased in the US.)
Questions? Give Upsie a call and talk to a human being rather than getting stuck interminably in a phone queue: 877-844-7745.

Learn More About Google Pixel Warranties:

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