Compare the Best iPhone Cases for 2021

Sure, Apple went to a lot of trouble to produce sleek, attractive designs. That's part of the appeal of this high-end tech brand. It's also true that a case will make any device look and feel bulkier. Still, the first time an iPhone user accidentally gets caught in a drizzle or drops their phone, they will be happy they invested in a high-quality case.
According to CNET, smartphone owners should invest in a good phone case in order to protect their device. In fact, they said that investing in a good case was one of the best things any phone owner could do to protect their investment.
Not only will a phone case help protect against drops or spills, it can even prevent scratches and dings that might reduce resale value. Besides, a lot of new cases look stylish enough to compete with the sleekest iPhone. With that in mind, take a look at some of the best iPhone cases for 2021.

Compare the Top iPhone Cases for 2021

Business Insider says that their reviewers have tested hundreds of iPhone cases in the past several years. Even so, they've found that certain brands consistently stand out from the competition. To give new iPhone owners an idea of what they can find, consider some of the most popular examples.

Apple Cases

Of course, lots of people buy iPhones because they like Apple's style. For assurance that the case will respect that style and fit perfectly, consider one of Apple's silicone, leather, or even transparent cases. As another advantage, Apple designed these cases to fully support wireless charging. Because these cases carry the brand, they generally cost a bit more than off-brand options.

Nomad Cases

Nomad's durable leather cases can make a high-end iPhone look even more premium than it did without the case. The latest styles even include raised edges to offer additional protection against drops and bumps. Even better, the leather develops a lovely, aged patina as time goes by. The cases should still support wireless charging, though they may have a somewhat weaker connection than with an Apple case.

Native Union Cases

Any iPhone will stand out from the crowd in a Native Union case. They're constructed with natural materials, like canvas, wood, and leather. In fact, every case has a unique design because of natural variations in the materials. They're also made well and support wireless charging.

What Other Steps Help Protect iPhones?

If the case doesn't come with a screen protector, it's only prudent to add this transparent, protective coating. To keep the iPhone working like new for as long as possible, be sure to install updates, get rid of unused apps, and keep unprotected ports clean.
With just a little attention to maintenance, most iPhone users can add years to the usable life of their iPhones. In addition, choosing the best iPhone settings can help enhance the user's experience.

Why Invest in an iPhone Protection Plan?

Investing in a good iPhone case and performing general maintenance can head off some problems. Despite the best efforts of prudent phone owners, phones may get damaged or develop issues as they're used.
Here's the good news. You can purchase an Upsie warranty for old, new, and used phones as long as the phone is in good working condition. With an Upsie iPhone subscription warranty, customers enjoy 24-7 customer claims and access to either mail-in or local, certified repairs. All Upsie smartphone plans include accident protection and even cover visits to Apple's Genius Bar for service.
Take the time to explore various iPhone case options first, and then make the prudent decision to register the phone with Upsie.

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