Compare Spec Versus Otterbox Smartphone Cases

Wired interviewed experienced smartphone technicians because they figured these professionals have seen all sorts of damaged phones and could offer excellent suggestions on the best ways to protect them.
Most of all, the Wired reporter found that no matter how much care phone users take to protect their devices, lousy luck or momentary lapses will eventually happen to almost everybody. Most commonly, people drop their phones, and the screens crack or shatter. Certainly, spills or drops in water take a share of casualties, as well.
These days, many top manufacturers make their phones water-resistant. But that doesn’t actually mean that they’re waterproof. Still, few phones can survive a long drop to a hard floor well. A good phone case can minimize the risk of accidents. We compare Otterbox and Spec smartphone cases to see which one will provide the best protection.

Spec Versus Otterbox Smartphone Cases

At first glance, the price and appearance of Spec and Otterbox cases will probably catch most folk's attention. These companies both make a variety of smartphone cases. For instance, consider a specific comparison of two cases ranked by TechRadar on their list of the best iPhone cases:
  • Speck Candyshell: This case retails for less than $15. The cases look rather plain.
  • Otterbox Figura: The Otterbox case sells for about $50. The cases come in several colorful and distinctive designs.
The Spec case costs considerably less and will probably offer a better style for presenting a conservative, professional image. In contrast, the Otterbux Figura looks bold and stylish.

Otterbox Figura

The soft, flexible material makes the Otterbox comfortable to hold. The case's raised edge helps protect the screen against damage. This case also comes with MagSafe support.

Speck Candyshell

The Speck Candyshell's sleek design makes it easy to fit in pockets. Eight-foot protection from drops, antimicrobial protection, and scratch-resistant coating add to this reasonably priced case's overall value. The case also includes a raised bezel around the edges to help protect the display from damage if it gets dropped on the screen.

Will an Otterbox or Speck Case Offer Better Protection?

Either of these cases makes a good choice for people who want durable protection for their valuable smartphones. Otterbox might offer the most features, but Spec cases provide excellent value for a low price. The slimmer design of Speck cases also makes them easier to stuff in pockets and purses. Speck cases earn military-grade certification, but Otterbox uses third-party testers with similar metrics.

How to Truly Protect Smartphones Against Damage

A high-quality case and a screen protector can greatly reduce the risk of accidental damage to smartphones. Even rugged cases have limits, though. On top of that, manufacturer's warranties, that come with the phone, only replace or reimburse customers for problems caused by phone defects. They do not cover drops, spills, wear, or any defects that occur after the initial warranty protection ends.
When customers spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on today's advanced phones, they will not want to pay more to repair or replace them. That's why prudent smartphone owners get Upsie smartphone subscription warranties.
Features of Upsie protection include:
  • Upsie offers premium smartphone protection plans for just $9.99 per month.
  • Upsie customers enjoy the luxury of 24-7 claims service and the convenience of local or mail-in certified repairs.
  • Plans guard against damage from liquid spills, drops, premature wear, and defects the initial warranty won't pay for.
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