Top Phone Grips: The Smartphone Accessory You Need

Who hasn’t felt their fingers start to tingle and maybe even grow numb after using a smartphone for a long time? According to HealthLine, that sensation even has a name: smartphone finger.
Each hand contains 27 distinct bones, 35 muscles, and more than 100 connective tendons. Even mild actions such as holding or using a smartphone can tire the tendons out after many repetitions. As a result, phone users experience tingling, numbness, or even painful fingers and hands as a symptom of the tendons’ fatigue. Sometimes, this discomfort can even lead to more serious injuries, like tendonitis.
Phone grips can give smartphone users a more natural and less tiring grip. To find the best phone grip, shoppers should consider their own phone’s shape and the way they plan to use it.

How to Choose the Best Phone Grips

PopSockets have grown so pervasive that many people associate this brand with phone grips. They stick to the back of phones or cases and provide a knob to grasp and a phone stand. And, as the name implies, PopSockets also pop down flat to make it easy to slip phones into a pocket or purse.
They also come in lots of colors, patterns, and designs, so almost anybody can use them to customize their phone. You can find Pop Sockets decorated with everything from Van Gogh paintings to soccer balls. Despite PopSockets popularity and decorative variety, they all have the same basic knob to grip.
Some companies offer different shapes that appeal to some smartphone users more. For instance, here are three phone grip options.

Spigen Style Ring 360 Phone Grips

This grip offers a ring instead of a knob. Users can slip one or two fingers through it to hold their phones. A magnetic mount makes it compatible with magnetic car mounts as well.
The hinge-mounted ring lets the grip work as a stand or lie flat on a table. The reviewer from Android Central said that he dropped phones far less when he used a ring grip instead of a PopSockets grip.

Spec GrabTab Phone Grips

This plastic grip looks like a small handle that’s just large enough to slip a couple of fingers through. The GrabTab won’t work as a stand, but it’s thin enough to let the phone lie flat. It also doesn’t waste storage space. Like PopSockets, GrabTabs also come in a variety of patterns and colors.

Sinji Pouch B-Flap Phone Grips

Some people like to put their driver’s license, money, or work ID inside little cardholder wallets that stick to the back of phones. The Pouch B-Flap combines both the wallet and an elastic grip. The wallet has space for a few cards or a little cash. The grip works with one to four fingers.

The Best Ways to Protect a Smartphone

Smartphones can be tough to grip for long periods. Luckily, smartphone grips can alleviate discomfort and reduce the risk of tendonitis or other long-term problems.
Phone grips can also reduce the risk of dropping phones by giving phone users a more secure hold. Along with a good smartphone case and screen cover, a phone grip may help prolong a smartphone’s lifespan.
Prudent smartphone owners should take steps to protect their phones from damage. One of the best ways to protect smartphones is to purchase an Upsie smartphone protection plan. Upsie’s warranties are affordable and comprehensive. For example, with Upsie, you can expect:
  • 24/7 live claims reps
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  • Peace of mind and real protection
Upsie also offers warranty protection for tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices and appliances.

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