Early Buzz About the Google Pixel 6A Smartphone

Google will deliver the Pixel 6a, but nobody can say precisely when. In 2019, Google released the Pixel 3A in May. They delayed the release of the Pixel 4A until August of 2020, but according to Tom's Guide, most people credited that to pandemic-related delays.
After that, the Pixel 5A did not debut until August of 2021. Judging by the past two years, expect the release of the Google Pixel 6A in August of 2022.

How Much Will a Google Pixel 6A Cost?

Without an official announcement from Google, we can’t forecast the price of the new Pixel 6A for sure. However, we can make a reasonable guess based on the costs of previous releases. For instance, the cheapest Pixel 3A debuted for $399, but the 4A sold for $50 less when Google released it.
Google raised the price of the Pixel 5a to $449, and they also added 5G and a second camera. The company will probably not lower the price for the Pixel 6a. Since Google offers the A-version of its Pixel smartphone as a budget option, they likely won't increase the price much over $449 either, though the cost may depend upon the processor. Industry watchers have wondered if Google will use the in-house Tensor chip from the Pixel 6 or continue to source processors from third parties.

Rumors and News About the Upcoming Pixel 6A

Some speculation based on leaked codenames for a potential product suggests Google might change the ultrawide camera configuration. The new Pixel may drop the ultrawide's resolution from 16MP to 12 MP, but it will include a larger sensor to let in more light and improve image quality.
Some speculative renderings of the design looked similar to the flagship Pixel 6, though Google has not released any official images. These leaked plans generated speculation from Engadget about a missing port for a headphone jack. If the Pixel 6A does not include a headphone jack, wireless accessories or an adapter will be required.
In any case, Pixel fans will probably have to wait several months for an official announcement about the 6A. The latest version of this mid-priced smartphone will likely not ship for over half a year. Right now, nobody knows for sure if Google will release a phone that's more of an updated 5A or more of a "light" version of the Pixel 6.

The Best Google Pixel Smartphone Warranty

Google provides many features of a premium phone for a mid-level price, making this phone series particularly attractive. Except for adding 5G, the 5A did not introduce revolutionary upgrades. However, the 6A might offer some surprises.
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