Battle of the Smartphones: Google Pixel 6 Versus iPhone 13

Every era has its own tech battle — and right now, the main players are Apple and Google. As the leaders in the smartphone market, these favorites consistently produce exceptional devices.
With every new iPhone comes another version of Google's Pixel hot on its heels. While these two devices keep getting faster processors and better cameras, consumers are left wondering which device reigns supreme. The answer, of course, depends on personal preference.
Struggling to pick a side in the Google Pixel 6 versus iPhone 13 battle? Keep reading to find out what makes Apple and Google's newest handsets stand out from one another — and to discover where they share some common ground.

Comparing Base and Premium Models of Google Pixel 6 Versus iPhone 13

The new iPhone and Pixel devices both have an entry-level model that is perfect for shoppers on a budget. The cheapest version of the iPhone 13 costs $799 and has a 6.1-inch SuperRetina XDR display. The A15 Bionic chip CPU is the same across all models.
What makes the iPhone 13 Pro special? The improved camera array. An added telephoto lens turns the Pro into a movie-making device. For an extra $200, moving up to the Pro might be a savvy move for some consumers.
Those who want only the best version of the iPhone will be more than happy with the Pro Max. With a bigger 6.7-inch screen — as well as a beefier battery — it's a future-proof device (until the iPhone 14 comes around, of course). At $1,099, it has the price of a premium device. But, of course, most users subsidize the cost of their new iPhone with their wireless plans, so that upfront cost may not apply to everyone.
Google's Pixel line is a little more scaled back, with just two different versions available. The Pixel 6 retails for $599 and is an excellent value for the money. The 6.4-inch screen is larger than the iPhone 13, although it doesn't look quite as sharp. The Pixel 6 has two camera lenses — something it shares in common with the iPhone 13.
For the telephoto lens, shoppers will have to spend a bit more and grab a Pixel 6 Pro. Its telephoto lens is just as stout as the one found inside the iPhone 13 Pro Max. At $899, the Pixel 6 Pro manages to be cheaper than Apple's mid-tier iPhone 13 Pro.

Performance and Battery Life

Some users buy the new version of their favorite phone every year or two without noticing a difference in performance, but this won't be the case for the Pixel 6. Instead, its exceptional performance will cause the most complacent users to take notice.
Google's new Tensor chip is the heart and soul of the Pixel 6 line. The machine learning and AI abilities give the Pixel 6 a leg up over its prior generation siblings.
Apple's iPhone 13 also performs like a champion thanks to the A15 chip. It's a good problem to face as a consumer: trying to pick between two phones that essentially have no weakness when it comes to computing prowess. So if we need to break the tie, why not compare battery life to see who comes out on top?
In this regard, both phones are once again neck and neck, with the winner being too close to call. Normal iPhone 13 usage will produce nearly two days worth of usage on a full charge. However, this is also true for the Pixel 6. With these two tech titans throwing all their weight behind these devices, it should come as no surprise that they are competitive in almost every measure.

The Verdict of Google Pixel 6 Versus iPhone 13

At this point, if someone is in the market for a new smartphone, they've almost certainly picked either Android or iOS. Individuals tied into either ecosystem often feel motivated to stick with their choice. That said, both the Google Pixel 6 and the iPhone 13 are great choices.

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