How Does the AT&T iPhone Warranty Work?

If you bought your iPhone from AT&T, you might want to know exactly how the warranty works. Many companies offer extended warranty plans, but just how good is the AT&T iPhone warranty, and how does it stack up to Upsie?

What is AT&T?

There are three major wireless providers in the U.S. They are Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T. Each carrier offers various phones, wireless plans, and add-ons. Most of these carriers also provide extended warranty coverage, but typically, it's very expensive and doesn't cover the device well.
AT&T is the second-largest wireless provider in the country. Their cell coverage is pretty good in some areas; but you still might see some dead spots. AT&T sells multiple phone models (including the iPhone) and different rate plans, but most are expensive when compared to the competition.

What is AT&T Protect Advantage

Protect Advantage is AT&T’s extended warranty coverage for smartphones. If you purchased your iPhone from AT&T, a salesperson likely pushed you to add the AT&T insurance plan. Before signing up for an AT&T iPhone warranty, you should check out other options for very good reasons. Some reasons you should pass on AT&T's extended warranty are:


The price is the first and one of the most significant reasons not to sign up with AT&T Protect Advantage. AT&T charges $14 to $17/month for one device. That is a hefty price tag for insurance for your iPhone that you can get elsewhere for much less. However, with Upsie, you pay just $9.99 per month.


The cost for an AT&T iPhone warranty plan is expensive, but if you crack or break your screen, you also have to pay a deductible for each repair. The deductible costs $29 for some damage, but costs $299 for other types of damage! Upsie's deductible is $0 for cracked screen repairs and $109 for other repairs. Phone replacements cost just $149.

Number of Claims

Unfortunately, AT&T's insurance plan also limits you in other ways. For example, you can only file three claims per year for loss, theft, or manufacturing damage. If you cause damage due to an accident like a drop or spill, you are limited to only two claims per year. Upsie's Smartphone Subscription Warranties also include two claims per year.

Other Issues

AT&T customers' complaints show that the insurance plan is fraught with other issues. Some include poor customer service, differences between policies, confusing terms, and tiered deductibles.

Replacement Parts

Another very serious issue is that AT&T repair technicians do not use certified replacement parts but cheaper, third-party components. If you have an iPhone and someone uses non-Apple-certified replacement parts, it could invalidate your AppleCare policy.
Thankfully, iPhone users have a choice when it comes to protecting their phones against accidental damage and manufacturing defects. A much better solution is an extended warranty with Upsie that fairs much better in a direct comparison with AT&T's Protect Advantage.

Upsie's iPhone Warranty

The manufacturer's iPhone warranty length is only one year. When purchasing an iPhone, most people expect it to work for more than a year. However, manufacturers' warranties are limited, meaning they only cover manufacturing defects for that single year. So, for anything that happens after the warranty expires, you must pay out of pocket for the repairs or replacement, which could get very expensive quickly.
However, if you grab an Upsie extended warranty, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that your phone is protected long after the original iPhone warranty expires.
Even though phone carriers charge exorbitant fees for their insurance plans, iPhone owners love that they can pay less with Upsie. In addition, you can reach Upsie claims 24/7 and get your iPhone fixed or replaced fast!
If something goes wrong, you can send in your iPhone using Upsie's free two-day shipping or take it to a certified repair technician (Genius Bar, if you want) to fix it quickly. If they can't fix it, Upsie will replace it. That way, you can guarantee that your iPhone will have certified replacement parts, so your AppleCare warranty remains intact.
Upsie's protection plan covers you for:
  • Mechanical failure
  • Cracked screens
  • Water damage
  • Battery issues
  • Power failure
  • Touchscreen and camera problems
  • Audio, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth issues
  • And more!
You have choices when it comes to protecting your electronics. Choose Upsie for the best iPhone coverage plan, and you will rest assured your precious iPhone is in good hands.

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