How to Use Find My Phone – And Why Everybody Should

These days, almost everybody relies upon having a mobile phone at their fingertips multiple times a day. That's why most folks can sympathize with the panic of misplacing their device. Luckily, most phones already have the technology embedded to track them down. Find-my-phone features can quickly help people locate misplaced phones and protect them in case of theft. Find out how to enable find-my-phone tech and to take other important steps to keep phones protected.

How to Find Android Phones

First, Android users have to make certain that they've enabled find-my-phone settings on their mobile. Various manufacturers organize their settings somewhat differently, but they work in a similar way.
These are some examples of popular phones:
  • Google Pixel: Look for Find My Device under Security and Location.
  • Samsung: Look for Find My Mobile under Biometrics and Security.
After that, just use the phone's account to login into Google on another device. Visit to see a summary of the phone's location, internet connection, and battery charge. From this screen, users can also get the phone to ring for five minutes, even if it's set to silent. If the user still can't find their phone, they can also choose to either lock the phone or wipe it clean.
As a note, it's possible to display an alternate phone number on the lock screen. Asurion studies have found that people who display an alternative phone number on the lock screen were three more times more likely to get their phone returned to them.

How to Find iPhones

Apple devices also have a Find My [Device] setting. In this case, users may see [Device] replaced with the name of the actual phone. With the setting enabled, iPhone owners can visit on another computer or phone. If that doesn't help find the phone, users can mark it as lost.
The Mark as Lost setting will automatically lock the device with a passcode and can even display a custom message. It's a good idea to display an alternate phone number that people can use in case they happen to stumble upon the phone.

Do Smartphone Warranties Typically Cover Lost and Stolen Phones?

According to a review of smartphone coverage by Consumer Reports, most warranty plans won't help replace lost or stolen devices. Some do with a premium level of coverage; however, even these have limits, and it's not the kind of protection anybody should take for granted.
People who own very expensive cell phones might also check to see if their homeowners or renters insurance will cover loss or theft. For cheaper phones, the home policy deductibles might be higher than the phone's replacement cost anyway.
For most mobile phone owners, the best protection against misplaced and stolen devices probably consists of keeping track of them the same way they would protect other valuables, like their wallet or purse. Also, set the phone to automatically lock when it isn't in use, make certain to enable location settings, and backup files. That way, thieves might take the phone, but they cannot steal any valuable or personal information.

How to Protect Mobile Phones Against Other Hazards

According to CNET, the most common problems people with their mobile phones include issues with power, internet connections, and touch screens. Also, just because of their mobile nature, they often succumb to damage because of spills and drops. Upsie offers extended warranties that help people affordably and conveniently protect their smartphone investment.
  • Power, touchscreen, camera, and headphone jack issues
  • Audio, WiFi, and Bluetooth failures
  • Drops and spills
Upsie offers protection for Android, iPhone, and many other kinds of mobile phones. Even better, phone owners can buy this protection for both new and old phones, so there's no need to make an impulsive purchase at the sales counter.
Just visit the phone warranty page to click the image of the device's make. After that, you can see Upsie's transparent pricing and protection. These convenient plans offer 24/7 customer service and the option of local or mail-in repairs. If repairs don't make sense, Upsie will even offer a replacement.

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