7 Things to Check When You Buy Insurance for Your Phone

Not all android and iPhone insurance is built the same, and we hope you don’t come to that realization too late. Many people make the mistake of not going through the fine details of the warranty they purchased for their brand-new phone. They only find out about the limitations in their coverage when they try to file a claim rather when they buy insurance for their phone.
That doesn’t happen when you purchase a smartphone warranty from Upsie with accident protection. All customers receive 24/7 online access to their insurance paperwork. It’s there for you whenever you need to make a claim so that your device can be repaired as quickly as possible.
A high-end Android or Apple device costs quite a bit these days. So, you owe it to yourself to do your homework before taking out a phone insurance policy. Here are seven things you should look for when buying a phone warranty.

1. Does It Cover Accidents and Spills?

People often make the mistake of assuming every third-party phone insurance policy is the same. But not all policies cover you from accidentally cracking your screen or dropping it into the bathtub. Upsie warranties cover any accidental damage including submersion of your phone in liquid. We understand that accidents happen. You deserve the option to protect the device you rely on most for your day-to-day communications.

2. Are You Covered if You Have a Manufacturing Issue?

Upsie offers more than protection for accidental cracks and spills. They cover any manufacturing defects you discover in your phone. That means anything from your battery failing to issues connecting with WiFi. You can even file a claim if your touchscreen locks up or becomes unresponsive.
They also cover any issues with your camera, like an untimely malfunction when at your favorite vacation spot. Upsie also covers other manufacturing failures like problems with audio, issues connecting to Bluetooth, and the headphone jack no longer working.

3. Do You Have Insurance That Will Last for the Life of Your Phone?

With higher prices comes the urge to say, “Hey, I’m going to get my money’s worth out of this thing!” For that reason, you need coverage that will last you longer than one year. Upsie offers Android and iPhone insurance policies that last two years. That’s two years you can feel secure knowing that you’re covered if something goes wrong with your device.

4. Are You Provided With an Easy Claim Filing Process?

Upsie makes the claims process easy! You can file a claim online or speak with one of their representatives 24/7/365.
  • You are not restricted for repairs. Use an Upsie certified repair facility or pick your own (even a Genius Bar for iPhones)! Get your phone fixed the same day in most cases.
  • If you are in no rush, mail in your device to Upsie’s repair center.
  • If the problem cannot be fixed Upsie replace your phone.

5. Are You Saving Money When You Buy Insurance for Your Phone?

Good luck finding a phone insurance provider that offers better rates and coverage than Upsie. Their policies cover budget-friendly, mid-tier, and high-end phones. Separate pricing tiers allows for even better savings. Meanwhile, people who opted for a more expensive Android or iPhone models will have total peace of mind being covered with Upsie. The decision to buy Upsie insurance for your phone might just be the best decision you can make.

6. Do You Get the Opportunity to Change Your Mind?

Upsie gives you 120 days from the purchase date of your phone to decide if you want insurance coverage. That’s longer than the window offered by most manufacturers for the warranty products they offer.
If you are not yet impressed by the scope of coverage and excellent customer service offered by Upsie, you will be when you’re a customer. Upsie even gives you 30 days to cancel your policy if you decide that you do not want coverage. You’ll even get a full refund of the plan price if no claims have been made.

7. Will Canceling Your Coverage Result in a Hassle?

Upsie offers full refunds to anyone who cancels their plan within 30 days, as long as they have not had a claim approved. After 30 days, the refund amount is prorated based on the time left on your phone insurance policy. There is also a 10% cancellation fee.
Looking for the ultimate electronics insurance policy? Contact Upsie by calling (877) 844-7745. You can also send any questions to them on Facebook or Twitter.

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Updated 3/21/2022

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