iPhone 12 Versus iPhone 13: How They Compare

With Apple’s release of four new phones in the iPhone 13 series, retailers are promoting iPhone 12 discounts. Many of these iPhone 12 sales shave hundreds off of the old price. That makes this the perfect time for frugal people to upgrade to a high-end phone without having to pay high-end prices.
However, customers should compare the benefits of the iPhone 12 versus the iPhone 13 to ensure they’re getting a phone that meets their needs. This article compares the two smartphones to help customers make better decisions.

Compare iPhone 12 Versus iPhone 13 Smartphones

CNET reviewers said that most iPhone 12 owners could probably feel safe skipping this upgrade. That assessment lends even more support to the idea that all of the current sales provide the perfect chance for frugal-minded Apple phone fans to take advantage of iPhone 12 discounts.
Still, the iPhone 13 does offer some notable improvements over the iPhone 12. This section compares the camera quality, storage, battery life, and processing power of both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. By the end of this guide, customers will be able to determine which phone best fits their lifestyle.


All iPhone 13 models offer a feature called Cinematic Mode. This improves switching between subjects for videos. The iPhone 13 also includes slightly better sensors and a Night Mode for photographers. People who feel serious about their smartphone photography and videography results might prefer the iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max models.


Apple discontinued the 64GB storage option in favor of choices that range from 128GB to 512GB for most models and up to 1TB at the level of the iPhone 13 Pro. However, overall the storage of the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13 are fairly similar. Instead of upgrading to a new phone for more storage, consider these tips to free up your phone storage.

Battery Life and Processing

The iPhone 13's A15 Bionic chipset will improve performance and even help extend battery life. For instance:
  • Expect to enjoy about 2.5 hours more streaming time between charges on an iPhone 13 than with an iPhone 12 or with an iPhone 13 Pro compared to an iPhone 12 Pro.
  • A comparison of the iPhone 12 versus iPhone 13 shows that the new phone extends the charge to about 1.5 hours.

Who Should Upgrade to an iPhone 13 Smartphone?

The iPhone 13 could offer better battery life, more storage, faster processing, and additional photographic features. Still, the latest flagship phones from Apple don't appear to offer a dramatic change. CNET mentioned that people who have an iPhone 11 in good shape might want to hold off.
The previous two flagship phones from Apple still compare very well to most devices on the market. On the other hand, many retailers, including Apple, offer some excellent deals for people who have a phone they can trade in. Some iPhone owners may also want to consider taking advantage of the active resale market for used iPhones.
Nevertheless, the choice between an iPhone 13 and an older iPhone might come down to preferences and budgets.

How to Protect New or Pre-Owned iPhones

The new release of the iPhone 13 series sparked plenty of deals on new and pre-owned iPhones. Now is one of the best times to purchase an iPhone. However, even high-quality phones are susceptible to damage.
Upsie offers extended subscription warranties for new and used iPhones. With an Upsie subscription warranty, you can expect protection from:
  • Drops, scratches, and cracks
  • Liquid damage
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Battery failure
  • Camera failure
  • And more
In addition, Upsie protection plans include claims services available 24-7, the choice of certified service options, and broad coverage against wear, accidents, and defects. They also cost just $9.99 per month, which leaves more room in the budget to upgrade your phone.

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