iPhone SE 3: Rumors and Latest Details

The original 2016 iPhone SE was a massive success for Apple, and a second-generation model arrived last year. This 2020 model SE handset has also proved popular, although not quite to the extent of its first-generation predecessor. Fast-forward to today, and it seems that Apple may once again be looking to relive the success of its original iPhone SE from five years ago.
That's because, if the rumors are right, a third-generation SE is coming and soon. Currently, rumors point toward an all-new iPhone SE that's both powerful and well-equipped. And, excitingly, evidence suggests that the handset could surface within a matter of weeks.

iPhone SE 3 Rumors

Dozens of rumors continue to circulate surrounding the next iPhone SE model. Some, of course, have more weight than others. Among the most credible are those originating from trusted sources. Such sources include individuals who have previously leaked later-proven details of new iPhone models, even well ahead of their respective launches.
Right now, just nine of these rumors stand out as the most likely to be proven true when the iPhone SE 3 eventually arrives. These are:
  • Updated A14 or A15 chip
  • iPhone 8 or XR chassis
  • Chunky 'retro' bezels
  • Inclusion of Face ID
  • Physical home button
  • New Sky Blue color
  • Single rear camera
  • LCD screen
  • 5G support

iPhone SE 3 Latest Details

While the original iPhone SE was a pocket-friendly four-inch model, the subsequent second-generation handset grew slightly to 4.7 inches. One of the SE's biggest selling points has always been its compact size. And there's good news for fans of small iPhones ahead of the anticipated launch of the third-generation SE.
That's because Apple is believed to be maintaining the same form factor found on the current model. As such, the iPhone SE 3 will reportedly remain a relatively compact 4.7 inches.
Some leakers suggested that Apple could launch a second, larger third-generation iPhone SE alongside the 4.7-inch model. This handset, it's been proposed, would be called the iPhone SE Plus and measure either 5.5 or 6.1 inches.
One source, analyst Ross Young, has also suggested that the iPhone SE Plus could be an entirely separate model from the proposed third-generation handset. This larger version would, they say, be released in place of the so-called iPhone SE 3. More on that in a moment.

iPhone SE 3 Launch Date

Everything points toward Apple's new iPhone SE model arriving in early 2022. Right now, the majority of people expect this to be the iPhone SE 3, outlined above. Yet, analyst Ross Young has also proposed that the new iPhone, coming early next year, could be the iPhone SE Plus, not the SE 3.
This would, they suggest, likely push back the launch of the SE 3 significantly. If this was to happen, Young believes that the upgraded third-generation iPhone SE may not then arrive until 2024.
For now, it's fairly safe to assume that a new entry-level iPhone is coming in the spring. Whether this proves to be the iPhone SE 3 or simply a larger second-generation SE in the form of a Plus-branded model ultimately remains to be seen.

iPhone SE 3 Price

Both of Apple's existing iPhone SEs have launched at $399. The first-generation model came with 16GB of storage, while its successor received 64GB for the same price.
It stands to reason that Apple will look to maintain this pricing for its entry-level iPhone. Accordingly, the iPhone SE 3 should start at $399. Whether it'll again receive 64GB of storage in sub-$400 guise or a boost up to 128GB, only time will tell. Either way, it's almost sure to be one or the other.
If and when an iPhone SE Plus comes to market, tradition suggests that this larger handset would cost an additional $100. With that, the iPhone SE Plus would likely receive a launch price of $499. Unfortunately, there's a chance that the inclusion of 5G with either the iPhone SE 3 or SE Plus could end up forcing Apple to increase its entry-level iPhone pricing.
In this instance, a starting price of $449 or $499 for the iPhone SE 3 would be most probable, while the SE Plus would then presumably start at either $549 or $599. Still, both would remain more affordable than Apple's current cheapest 5G handset, the iPhone 12 Mini, priced at $699.

iPhone SE Warranty

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