Rumors and Leaks for Google Pixel 7 Flagship Smartphones

Google probably won't release its new flagship smartphone series for several months, but the upcoming update to Google Pixel smartphones has already generated plenty of excitement and speculation. After all, the Google Pixel 6's new Tensor chip and redesigned camera hardware prompted CNET to call the Pixel 6 Pro a true competitor to iPhones.

What's Known About the Upcoming Google Pixel 7 Smartphones?

While many leaks might prove incorrect, some sources have offered reliable information in the past. This article compiles some of the most noteworthy leaks about the Google Pixel 7. If Google sticks to tradition, it won't release these phones until around October. Thus, the amount of early buzz will surprise a lot of people.
In the absence of much official news, consider some of the most likely speculations:
  • Google is working on a second generation of the Tensor chip. And this new processor might find its way inside the Pixel 7.
  • The display might range from 6.2 to 6.4 inches, making it larger than the Samsung Galaxy S21 and the rumored dimensions of the upcoming iPhone 14. The Pixel 7 Pro's display might be as large as 6.8 inches. This is about the same size as the Galaxy S22 Ultra.
  • The Pixel 7 Pro may increase the number of back cameras from two to three, plus Google will likely include a punch-hole camera on the front.

Why Don't More People Buy Google Pixel Smartphones?

Even though the Google Pixel 6 earned lots of praise from reviewers, the internet giant only has a small percent of the overall smartphone market. According to Wired, a simple lack of advertising accounts for the great critical reviews and relatively low sales.
The lack of advertising might explain poor sales, but it's hard to explain why Google doesn't market more. After all, the company owns its vast advertising platform. Google's strategy focuses more on developing technology than the hardware to run it on.
Some observers thought Google would spend more money on marketing after debuting the new Tensor chip, representing a hardware and software investment. Still, that hasn't appeared to happen yet. Like the features, release date, and price of the new Google 7 smartphones, it's another mystery.

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