What Is New with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Versus S21?

The latest Samsung Galaxy phones are here, with the S22 lineup set to launch in late February. Consumers who already own the Galaxy S21 can step up to the newer, slightly better S22. Keep reading to learn all about the S22 lineup and whether they warrant making the jump from an S21 device.

An Upgraded CPU From the Galaxy S21 to S22

Perhaps the most notable improvement with the S22 lineup? The inclusion of Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon mobile CPU. Dubbed Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, it’s currently the fastest Android phone processor on the market. Early impressions from Android Authority place the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 ahead of the Tensor chip currently powering the Pixel. Needless to say, it’s also a marked improvement over the Snapdragon 888 inside the Galaxy S21 phones.

Disappointing Display

Don’t get us wrong, the current display on the S22 looks incredible — especially on the S22 Ultra model. That version features a 6.8-inch dynamic AMOLED curved edge screen. Unfortunately, the lower-end S22 and S22 Plus displays are essentially unchanged from those found on the S21. Again, all of these screens look wonderful, but an incremental improvement would have been nice at the lower end of the line.

Improved Build Quality From Galaxy S21 to S22

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the design or feel of the S21 lineup, but there’s no denying that the S22 phones look and feel better. A new frame constructed from glass and metal —along with an ever-so-slight size reduction — makes these phones sleeker.
As an added bonus, the S22 Ultra has a slot to store Samsung’s S Pen. While the Galaxy S21 Ultra supported the stylus, users were left without a built-in place to store it on the device. These small quality of life upgrades look insignificant on paper — but when comparing the phones in real life, the S22 lineup triumphs.

A Boost to the Camera

Samsung’s Galaxy phones always feature top-notch cameras, but it’s great to see a slight improvement with the S22’s. The base S22 and S22 Plus have received an upgraded main camera, which is now 50MP. It’s a solid step up from the S21’s 12MP setup.
Once again, the biggest improvement is found in the S22 Ultra edition. A 108MP wide-angle lens comes standard on the S22 Ultra, making it the must-have version for photography fanatics. However, this comes with a bit of a caveat: the Galaxy S21 Ultra has a similar camera setup.

Cooler Colors

Some smartphone users store their devices inside snazzy cases and forget about their phones’ exclusive colors. Others agonize over this decision. The S21 was a frustrating device for these types of users. Yes, it came in various nice-looking hues, but none of them stood out. The S22 line gets several eye-catching new colors, including a lovely pink gold, plus a dark mint green that’s easy on the eyes.

Faster Charging

The entry-level S22 phone doesn’t see an upgrade in charging time. Thankfully, the S22 Plus and Ultra receive a boost, with up to 45-watt wired charging support offered. This is another nice upgrade that will fly under the radar for some but shouldn’t be discounted.

Summing it Up: Is the S22 Worth an Upgrade Over the S21?

There’s no doubt that the S22 is a modest improvement over the S21 models. However, perhaps the biggest thing going for the new line is pricing. A base model S22 costs $799, with the Plus checking in at $999 and the Ultra reaching $1,999. These prices make the lackluster improvements a little more tolerable while giving Samsung a new slate of devices to compete against the iPhone 13 and the Pixel 6.

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