Old Smartphone Plans: Extended Warranty, Donate, Recycle

It seems like everyone is trying to figure out what to do with old and unused devices. A recent CNET article discussed the retired device conundrum, noting that special drawer that people put old electronics in. Most people try to remove clutter from their lives and need a better solution regarding deactivated electronics. Some people donate their mobile phones while others recycle them. But Upsie offers another option: extend the life of a smartphone with a warranty. We want to help customers make the most of each device for as long as possible.

Why Do People Stop Using an Older Smartphone?

The reasons for buying a new smartphone and putting the old one in storage vary. Some people want the latest gadgets with all the bells and whistles, but that is not the only reason people invest in a new phone. Broken or cracked screens, water damage and other mishaps are additional reasons why people need to begin the search for a new mobile phone.
Many consumers would prefer to keep their old device if it weren't for damage inhibiting easy and effective usage. Further, many smartphone users do not purchase insurance. Most of the time, if damaged, smartphone owners are left with a barely functioning or unsightly device due to repair costs. See, the cost of repair is often nearly as expensive as the cost of a new phone, even if the new phone does not meet all their desired specifications.

Is Donating a Smartphone a Good Option?

There is nothing wrong with donating a smartphone, especially if it is in good condition. However, most donation centers do not want to, or cannot afford to, repair damaged devices. For people who simply upgrade their phone each time Android or Apple releases a new model, donating a gently used phone is a reasonable option. For average smartphone users who need reliable gear, it is preferable to seek out another option, such as a warranty from Upsie that protects their investment.

What Are the Recycling Options for Mobile Devices?

Recycling offers smartphone consumers another option for clearing out a dust-gathering smartphone repository. The EPA shares that, for every million cell phones recycled, essential resources like copper, silver and gold are recovered in the hundreds and thousands of pounds. Anyone who prefers investing in a new phone, rather than purchasing a warranty, might consider this earth-friendly option to conserve and reuse important resources.

Do Manufacturer's Warranties Help Consumers Extend the Life of Smartphones?

For most major purchases, the manufacturer or seller provides a basic promise or warranty for their product, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). It is important that consumers read and understand each warranty before making a purchase because they have limited coverage. Consumers should take the time to compare warranties between products as much as any other specification of the product, such as style or price.
Here are some vital questions to ask when reviewing a manufacturer's warranty:
  • How long does the warranty last?
  • What is the contact information in case of damage?
  • Does the warranty provider repair, replace or refund in case of damage?
  • Which parts and repair issues are covered by the warranty?
Consumers can buy extended manufacturer's warranties, but they are often expensive and have similar limitations to the original manufacturer's warranty. The main difference is that the consumer pays to extend this limited service.

What Does an Extended Warranty from Upsie Cover?

Manufacturer's warranties are often little more than a courtesy offering to the consumer purchasing their product. Smartphone users need to consider a more deliberate approach to their warranty investment. Upsie offers dynamic and meaningful warranty coverage for a full range of electronic devices.
An Upsie subscription warranty for mobile phones offers coverage at a reasonable price without an outrageously expensive deductible. With Upsie, smartphone users never have to live with a cracked phone screen until the phone fully dies. They can actually afford the price of the warranty and any associated repair costs, and it includes accident protection against spills as well as drops. For example, Upsie's cracked screen deductible is $0.

Which Smartphones Are Covered by Upsie's Extended Warranty?

Upsie offers extended warranty coverage for a variety of smartphones, including:
  • iPhone
  • Samsung
  • Google Pixel
  • OnePlus
  • All other top brands purchased in the US

Contact Upsie to Answer Additional Questions for Extended Warranty Coverage

Electronics consumers who want to get more value out of each device may have more questions about Upsie's extended warranty coverage. Contact us today to learn more from our informed and helpful customer service representatives.

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