OnePlus 10 Pro: A Camera-Focused Smartphone

Released in January 2022, the OnePlus 10 Pro offers smartphone consumers another option to satisfy their mobile communication needs. But, like many smartphone shoppers, you might feel overwhelmed with all the choices available. Between iPhone for the iOS system and countless brands and lines offering Android mobile phones, it's dizzying trying to figure out which one has what you need at a price you can afford or justify.
Let's look at the OnePlus 10 Pro and associated extended smartphone warranties to see what best suits your lifestyle and wallet.

What Is the OnePlus Brand?

Launched in 2013, OnePlus is a Chinese electronics company focused on competing in the smartphone market. With the motto of "To empower the world through better technology," the OnePlus brand reveals its focus, but what is it doing to hit this mark?
One early campaign by the company was entitled "Smash the Past." This campaign asked smartphone owners to literally smash their existing smartphones and switch to OnePlus for a chance to purchase a OnePlus phone for $1. Unfortunately, many consumers started the contest too soon, destroying their phones and losing out on the contest. However, the company recovered with a caveat during the next campaign and has been going strong since.
In 2018, the brand gained significant steam by enlisting the promotional efforts of American actor Robert Downey Jr. to endorse the OnePlus 7 in Asian market ads.

Could the OnePlus Partnership with Hasselblad Be the True Game-Changer?

In March 2021, OnePlus and Swedish camera manufacturer Hasselblad announced a $150 million agreement to boost OnePlus's camera technology to the next level. For several years, smartphone camera quality has stood high on the list of consumers' must-haves in their decision-making process.
Going back to 2016, Android Authority conducted a poll that resulted in 51% of respondents saying that they wouldn't buy a smartphone if it didn't have a camera of good quality.
The desire for high-quality smartphone cameras will never go out of style, and OnePlus might have put itself in a position to create game-changing mobile phone technology to win customers in unprecedented numbers with this Hasselblad deal, which began with the OnePlus 9 series. The phone cameras already boosted the color processing and computational photography in the inaugural partnership release.
But how does the OnePlus 10 Pro measure up?

The OnePlus 10 Pro

The OnePlus 10 Pro was the first new smartphone released in 2022, which gave the company an early lead for anyone looking for a mobile refresh to start the new year. Now is a good time to look at the features and specs and see if it lives up to the anticipation and early reviews.
Let's start by pointing out the medium-high-end price tag at around $899. It's important to note this when looking at the features, specs, quality, and available insurance plans. It's a big investment. So you want to make sure it has everything you want, including insurance coverage for accidents or any possible manufacturing issues.
With the price in mind, let's look at the specs and features:
  • Android 12 OS
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 CPU
  • 6.42 by 2.91 by 0.34 inches dimensions
  • 1440 x 3216 pixels, 20:9 ratio (~525 PPI density) display
  • 24-bit/192kHz audio
  • Fingerprint (under display, optical), accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, color spectrum, barometer sensors
  • Matte black or a cool greenish-blue color finish
  • Gorilla glass Victus material
  • IP68 rating means it's effectively waterproof and dustproof
The camera technology is in a class of its own and warrants additional discussion. The OnePlus 10 Pro is brimming with enticing photo features. The Hasselblad photosystem is living up to its promise, offering some unique modes you won't find with other top brands:
  • The main camera is 48MP f/1.8 and takes 12MP photos by default, combined with pixel binning.
  • It also features an 8MP f/2.4 and a 3.3x telephoto lens.
  • The manufacturers added a 50MP ultrawide sensor at the back and it defaults to 12.5MP photos.
  • It includes 150-degree and fish-eye modes.
  • It features a RAW+ shooting mode for serious photographers.

Does OnePlus Deliver Enough Quality for Your Consideration?

If you love taking photos, you will love the OnePlus 10 Pro. But keep in mind that there are a few shortcomings, including some software performance issues and a lack of millimeter-wave 5G support, which might be resolved within a few updates. In addition, a powerful camera and all-around solid features and specs make the OnePlus 10 Pro worth exploring.
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