Phone Carrier Showdown: Boost vs. Cricket

Boost Mobile and Cricket Wireless have been vying for many of the same customers for a while now. But which is the best? To work out whether Boost or Cricket is the most deserving of your hard-earned cash, let’s take a closer look.

Boost Mobile vs Cricket Wireless

Ultimately, the two carriers are very similar. Boost Mobile is, perhaps, best seen as a cheap and still-growing option, despite now having been in operation for over two decades. Cricket Wireless, meanwhile, continues to attract more and more customers largely thanks to its so-called multi-line discounts.

Competitive Pricing on Offer as Boost Taps Into T-Mobile's Network

There's no denying that Boost Mobile's prices are competitive, especially when it comes to cheap data. Yet, for a long time, the company has been criticized for its limited overall coverage – something provided via the existing Sprint network. Now, though, Boost's new Expanded Network, made possible thanks to T-Mobile's acquisition of Sprint, has seen such coverage issues largely put to bed. Other Boost Mobile benefits include:
  • Highly-rated international add-ons
  • Free hotspot data included
  • All expanded coverage plans include 5G
But what about its competitor, Cricket Wireless?

Cricket Continues to Cater Nicely to Families and Heavy Data Users

When it comes to Cricket Wireless, the carrier's principal value is in its family plans. Like Boost Mobile, Cricket has been around for roughly 20 years. So neither provider is a newcomer by any stretch of the imagination.
Cricket Wireless's packages are best suited to individuals and families with two or more lines. According to Android Central, Cricket's top-tier unlimited plan is among today's best value cell service solutions for heavy data users more generally as well. Further perks of choosing Cricket include:
  • Access to AT&T's huge network
  • A simple selection of plans
  • Top-rated telephone support
Cricket's simple selection of plans is a surprisingly big selling point, too. It's especially evident when compared to Boost Mobile's much larger range of options. That said, with more options comes more choices. And by choosing carefully, it's possible to get more generous allowances with several of Boost's more extensive plans than with Cricket.
Historically, Cricket Wireless has been the stronger of the two carriers purely because of its access to AT&T's network. Now though, and with Boost Mobile able to tap into T-Mobile's infrastructure, deciding between the two represents less of a clear-cut decision.

A Close Comparison

Based solely on value for money, right now, Boost Mobile looks like the stronger of the two offerings overall. Still, it's a close call, and Cricket Wireless is likely to represent a marginally better option for those looking at solutions for multiple lines, especially where three or more are required.

Are Cricket Wireless and Boost Mobile the Same?

Despite a common misconception, Cricket and Boost are two distinct companies. The two phone carriers continue to receive a mix of both positive and negative reviews from consumers. It's often the case that feedback is only left when there's a degree of dissatisfaction. With that, it's hard to truly gauge satisfaction in terms of Boost Mobile versus Cricket Wireless purely on this basis.

Is Boost Mobile Better Than Cricket Wireless?

Ultimately, when it comes down to whether one phone carrier is better than another, it's a good idea for consumers to do their own research. This research should focus on their specific requirements and the requirements of any family members. Also, be sure to check that any smartphones, tablets, and other devices are fully compatible with a given network.

Boost Mobile and Cricket Wireless Alternatives

Customers can also choose from among several alternatives. The best options form a group of what are known collectively as mobile virtual network operators. These so-called MVNOs aim to provide excellent value and solid coverage by leveraging one or more major carriers' existing networks.
Examples include Metro, Mint Mobile, Visible, Walmart Family Mobile, and Google Fi. Of these, Metro stands out above the others, largely thanks to its priority access to T-Mobile's network, which, as we've learned, is one of the main reasons for potentially choosing Boost over Cricket as well.

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