Your Guide to Buying a Refurbished iPhone

iPhones are an investment, as anyone with a bank-busting wireless plan should know. And yes, these products are exceptional, but that doesn't change the reality that Apple's flagship devices don't come cheap.
Thankfully, there's an alternative and far more affordable option: getting a refurbished iPhone. These tested, reliable phones are a great deal for consumers willing to put up with a little wear and tear — while saving hundreds in the process. Keep reading to learn all about refurbished iPhones: the risks, the rewards, and essentials for choosing the right device.

What is a Refurbished iPhone?

Most consumers prefer to purchase new smartphones, so the thought of purposefully buying a refurbished product may seem odd. Some of this hesitation stems from a lack of understanding regarding what refurbished phones actually are.
Put simply: refurbished phones are sold or traded in by the original users. A third-party then fixes the phones and re-sells them to other users.
Why would someone trade-in or sell their phone in the first place? There are several good reasons:
  • Offsetting the cost of a new device before upgrading
  • Getting rid of a damaged device
  • Helping other users make the most of older iPhone models
The extent to which devices are given new life may surprise skeptics. For example, manufacturers will repair a device that has a cracked screen, a scuffed case, or other cosmetic damage and re-sell it as refurbished. Internal faults such as dying batteries or lagging processors can also be repaired, breathing new life into old devices.

Why Buy a Refurbished iPhone?

The main reason why someone would want a refurbished iPhone is pretty simple: price. Depending on the seller, shoppers can score a magnificent deal and save hundreds of dollars by purchasing a refurbished phone.
Unfortunately, options are limited when dealing with refurbished phones. After all, since new phones come with limited manufacturer warranties, most people tend to utilize them instead of selling or trading them in.
The same goes for older phones. Customers can repair the phone with their extended warranty, so there's no need to deal with the cost and hassle of upgrades.
That said, those who can get their hands on the hottest refurbished iPhones are in for a great experience. Smartphone technology is improving every day, so performance degradation is becoming less of an issue. In addition, users who don't care about owning the absolute latest iPhone model will find that an older, refurbished handset is just as good — especially at a discounted price.

Where To Buy Refurbished iPhones

Apple's own website is an excellent source for refurbished phones. Consumers can rest easy, knowing that these devices meet Apple's rigorous standards.
Big box retailers such as Best Buy and Target also sell refurbished phones. Even better: in some cases, Apple will have refurbished the phone from Target.
Most refurbished phones come with a limited warranty — usually in the range of 90 days. This is a trade-off that some consumers are willing to deal with to save money. It's definitely a risk, but one that is becoming less and less worrisome as smartphones become more durable.
In general, a refurbished phone can be a great deal — but consumers should enter the buying process aware of the potential pitfalls, plus the need for extended warranty coverage.

The Benefits of Upsie Extended Warranties for Refurbished iPhones

Keeping smartphones safe from the dangers of everyday use has never been more important, as these devices play a critical role in our day-to-day lives. As such, an Upsie extended iPhone subscription warranty is a must-have when purchasing either a new or refurbished device.
Upsie’s extended smartphone warranties for refurbished devices overlap with the limited warranty and then take over complete coverage once the limited warranty expires. In addition, you pay for the warranty monthly, meaning you get the protection you need for as long as you need it. Upsie’s warranties protect your used device from manufacturing defects, screen cracks, drops, and spills.
With an Upsie extended warranty, customers gain comprehensive coverage. Upsie warranties are the best option for any refurbished iPhone purchase.

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