Protect Plan from Visible Versus Upsie Warranty Plans

Visible is a wireless phone carrier that uses Verizon’s network infrastructure. Its mission is to simplify phone plans, allowing its customers to have premium coverage without the hassle of a contract. They’re a great option for people looking for affordable, commitment-free phone plans.
Like many cell phone carriers, Visible offers its own phone insurance plan through Assurant called Visible Protect. Visible may have affordable phone plans, but their phone insurance is not the best option for coverage. Keep reading for our comparison of the Visible Protect Plan versus Upsie Smartphone Subscription Warranties.

Tier System

Like many phone insurance plans, Visible Protect uses a tier system to determine pricing. However, they make it slightly simpler with only two tiers: Tier 1 and Tier 2. They don’t have a simple breakdown of what phones fall into what tier, but it appears that an iPhone 13 Pro and a Samsung Galaxy S22+ fall into Tier 2 while a regular iPhone 13 and Samsung Galaxy S22 are Tier 1.
Upsie has no set tiers. Instead, Upsie has a set price of $9.99 per month. It will also give you the exact amount for your deductible upfront before you commit to anything. Because Upsie is transparent with pricing, you'll know exactly how much protection will cost.


Visible Protect and Upsie smartphone warranty plans are pretty comparable in coverage. They both cover accidental damage like screen cracks and liquid damage, as well as mechanical defects. Upsie offers the same protection for most refurbished devices, including accidental damage.


Customers pay for Visible Protect monthly. It’s $10 monthly for a Tier 1 phone or $12 for a Tier 2 phone. That adds up to $120 annually for Tier 1 phones and $144 for Tier 2 phones. This isn’t too expensive, but it’s not as affordable as Upsie. For an iPhone 13 Pro Max, you'll pay $9.99 per month.
In addition to the cost of the coverage, you also have to consider the service fees and deductibles. Visible Protect offers $29 screen repairs, which isn’t a bad deal. However, their accidental damage deductible is $99 for Apple devices and $199 for Androids. For loss or theft, Visible phone warranty customers will have to pay a replacement fee of $199 for Tier 1 phones or $280 for tier 2 phones.
While Visible Protect isn’t as complicated as some other phone warranty plans, there are still many numbers to remember. Upsie makes warranties simple with four numbers: the cost of the warranty plan, a screen repair deductible, a repair deductible, and a replacement deductible. Upsie's screen repair deductible is $0, meaning that you'll pay nothing when you need to repair your screen. For other repairs, Upsie's deductible is $109, and $149 for phone replacements. That’s it! Once you meet your deductible, Upsie will cover the cost of all parts and labor. So not only is it simpler, but Upsie’s phone warranty plans also save you money.


Visible Protect doesn’t offer open enrollment. That means you can only purchase a plan when you purchase your phone. If you don’t add a Visible phone warranty plan to your cart, you won’t be able to enroll it afterward.
Upsie is the opposite. You can purchase an Upsie warranty for any smartphone in proper warranty condition. this means that you can purchase Upsie's Smartphone Subscription Plan for your two-year-old smartphone. You don't even need a receipt.

Customer Service

Upsie prides itself on fantastic customer service and hassle-free claims filing. Their customers can file a claim 24-7-365 by filling out an online form or calling the call center to speak to a customer service representative any time of the day. Visible offers 24/7 claims filling, but only online. While the 24/7 feature is nice, it’s often easier to talk to a real person over the phone to get your claim sorted.
Visible Protect by Assurant is a decent phone insurance plan, but it’s not as good as the Upsie smartphone warranty. Upsie is much more affordable, with comparable coverage and better customer service. In addition, Upsie strives to make extended warranties simpler, with straightforward pricing and transparent coverage. Choose Upsie for affordable and comprehensive smartphone protection.

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