Why Buy Your Visible Wireless Phone Warranty from Upsie

Cell phone customers have plentiful options when it comes to choosing a cell phone carrier and smartphone. One carrier option is Visible Wireless, but it’s also essential to know where to buy your extended warranty to protect your phone for years to come.

Cell Phone Carrier Options

Over the past few years, the wireless market has exploded with dozens of new options for customers. You have the three big companies, Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T. Then you have smaller upstarts that are quickly gaining traction like Mint Mobile, Visible Wireless, Boost Mobile, and Google Fi.
The great thing about many of these carriers is they piggyback on the larger networks’ infrastructure. For Example, Xfinity Mobile and Visible Wireless both use Verizon towers, so you get the same great coverage for a lot less money.

Who is Visible Wireless?

Visible Wireless is a budget-friendly mobile carrier backed by Verizon. They offer an individual unlimited (data, talk, text, and hotspots) plan for only $25. Visible markets to single people and younger adults who want their own affordable plan.
Visible Wireless also sells discounted phones to new users. They offer all the latest models from Apple, Samsung, Google, and Motorola. For young people just starting out, Visible Wireless is a good option.

Why Buy a Visible Phone Warranty

Whenever you purchase a new cell phone, it comes with a limited warranty from the manufacturer. Unfortunately, these warranties only last about a year and only cover inherent defects, not accidental damage. Therefore, if you break the screen or drop it and cause problems, you have to pay to have it repaired or replaced.
Accidents do happen, and many of us drop our phones, get them wet, crack the screens, and more. Therefore, the manufacturer’s warranty won’t cut it. You need an extended warranty to cover these minor issues; otherwise, they could quickly add up to a lot of money out of pocket.
Living with other people like roommates or small children increases the chances of your cell phone getting damaged. You never know what will happen, and when you pay hundreds of dollars for a cell phone, you will want to protect it as best as you can with an extended warranty.

The Visible Wireless Phone Warranty

Visible Wireless has its own extended warranty called “Visible Protect,” as most wireless carriers do. The plan is backed by Assurant, Verizon’s phone insurance vendor. Unfortunately, they charge a lot for the same coverage you can get elsewhere. They also install software on your device to protect it against cyberattacks, but who wants someone else having access to their phone?
The monthly charge could be higher or lower depending on where you live. There are a lot of variables with their insurance plan.

Consider an Upsie Smartphone Warranty

Regardless of which phone carrier you choose, it’s essential to protect your investment for the long term. An extended warranty with Upsie is a no-hassles approach to protection.
With Upsie, your device has protection from:
  • Drops
  • Spills
  • Cracks
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Power issues
  • Battery Failure
  • Touchscreen failure
  • Camera, sound, and screen issues
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity problems
  • And more!
Upsie’s warranties cost up to 70% less than other extended warranties. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about extra service fees, parts, or labor. Instead, Upsie offers an industry-low smartphone deductible of $49 for repairs. That’s it!
You get to file an unlimited number of claims (up to the full price of the device), and you can reach claims 24/7 to schedule a repair. You can send the phone in using Upsie’s free two-day shipping or take it to a certified local repair shop. If they can’t fix it, Upsie will replace it on the first claim. It’s that simple. Additionally, Upsie warranties are transferable, so if you sell or give away your smartphone later, the warranty goes along with it.
Enjoy the best peace of mind knowing your Visible Wireless smartphone is fully protected with Upsie!

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