6 Protective iPhone 13 Cases to Keep Your Phone Safe

A brand new iPhone represents an exciting, but potentially risky investment. Customers routinely drop over a thousand dollars every year or two on Apple's newest smartphone. With that high of a price point, smartphone warranties are essential, of course, but cases also provide powerful protection.
Anyone who has been inside a big box consumer electronics retailer knows that phone cases are big business. With an entire wall of options available, however, many customers struggle to choose the right product. There's far more that goes into this decision than design alone. As such, we've compiled a list of six wonderful iPhone 13 cases to protect your phone from all the day-to-day threats it will face.

Apple Clear Case with MagSafe

With literally hundreds of third-party case makers out there, it's easy to forget Apple makes their own. It should come as no surprise that these cases are perfect for the iPhone 13.
Apple's new MagSafe battery charging technology is a game-changer — and this case takes full advantage of it. The clear design also gives iPhone 13 owners the rare chance to show off their device's color while keeping it safe in a case. At $50, it's a bit pricey, but it's made by Apple — so that's to be expected. A silicone version is available at the same price point. In addition, $10 more will add the luxury appeal of leather.

OtterBox Symmetry Series+ Soft Shell with MagSafe

Want a little more protection than Apple's clear case is capable of providing? OtterBox has an option that is basically the same thing, but for $10 more. The Symmetry Series provides all the safety features consumers have come to expect from OtterBox.
This solution is also compatible with MagSoft — a big plus, since that specific feature has been a big selling point for the new iPhones. At $60, it's a blow to the wallet. Still, many iPhone enthusiasts are willing to make the investment, as peace of mind isn't free.

Spigen Core Armor with MagSafe

The Spigen name may not be as well known as OtterBox, but the company has been cranking out quality cases for years. This durable $30 case can take a beating, and, like some of the others on this list, supports MagSafe. It's also quite snazzy to look at, thanks to its diagonal lines and slim profile.

Speck Presidio Perfect with MagSafe

Another trusted name in the case world, Speck's iPhone 13 cases are all great. The MagSafe version is the best of the bunch. Speck has always boasted about its products' ability to handle a drop. These cases are no different. Knock an iPhone 13 off the couch or desk while it's in this case — it should survive the fall with ease. Given this level of durability, the $50 price tag seems reasonable.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid with MagSafe

Shoppers tapped out after spending all their cash on the iPhone 13 may want to consider this case from Spigen. At $20, it provides an adequate level of protection. Best of all, it supports MagSafe. Air cushion technology protects the phone from most drops, while the raised design helps keep the screen safe. It's a good option for consumers on a budget who aren't willing to make major compromises.

Raptic Shield with MagSafe

Raptic promotes its top-of-the-line cases as meeting military-grade drop test standards. This means that an iPhone 13 should be able to survive a ten-foot fall onto concrete if it's shielded by this case. The polycarbonate shell and rubber interior lining serve to take the brunt of the damage. Available in several colors, the Raptic Shield is a solid sleeper choice in this category. Amazingly, it can be purchased for the fair price of $29.

Going Beyond Phone Cases: Upsie iPhone Warranties

Don't settle for just a case to protect the latest and greatest iPhone. Opt for an extended subscription warranty from Upsie! With Upsie, you can rest easy knowing that, when the case can't save an iPhone from damage, an Upsie warranty will. With coverage that's clearly spelled out and pricing that's better than anything found at a major retailer, an Upsie warranty is the last accessory needed to complete the smartphone buying experience.

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