A Quick Review of Samsung Galaxy A Series Smartphones

The smartphone market always hungers for news of the latest innovations and features from top manufacturers. That's probably why Samsung seems to generate the most press for its Galaxy S, Note, and Z phone series. At the same time, Samsung recently unveiled new phones in its more affordable Galaxy A phone line with the slogan, "Bringing Awesome to Everyone." Check out this Samsung Galaxy A Series review to understand why it's time for these affordable smartphones to gain more attention.

Is the Galaxy A Samsung's Most Popular Phone?

According to CNET, the top-end phones may get the most press attention; however, Samsung sells more Galaxy A phones. In fact, Galaxy A smartphones accounted for over 75 percent of the company's worldwide sales last year. Even if the pricey phones generate more press, they don't actually bring in more sales.
Stories of high-tech features and cutting-edge innovation help Samsung keep its place as the world's largest smartphone producer. However, plenty of people look at various phones offered by the company and choose to buy a model with a somewhat more modest price. This has proven particularly true in the overseas market. Samsung didn't actually sell its full line of Galaxy A phones in the United States until 2020.
Of course, plenty of phone buyers need to balance their appetite for innovation and quality with their budget. For instance:
Manufacturers like Samsung and Apple appeared to work hard to get their customers used to the idea that they have to spend at least $1,000 for a high-end phone. Lately, people have held onto phones longer and even appeared more likely to purchase a high-quality used phone than to dish out so much money every couple of years for the latest product.
It's fair to say that high-end phones have gotten so good that many consumers feel like the technology and features from a year or two ago are good enough. That's particularly true when these good-enough phones come with prices people grew comfortable with a few years ago too.

Can the Samsung Galaxy A Series Deliver a Good Value?

Can cheaper Samsung smartphones deliver enough value to justify their purchase? In particular, Tom's Guide singled out the Galaxy A52 5G for delivering a great value at a mid-ranged price. For some examples:
  • Prices start at only $419 at some online retailers and still provides 5G connectivity.
  • It also has a 6.5-inch display, a 120Hz refresh rate, and a 64MP main lens.
  • Tom's Guide did mention that the other cameras didn't perform as well. Plus, the display appears to scratch easily, which indicates buyers should probably add a screen protector and case to their purchase right away.
For people who want to spend a little less, Samsung also has 5G versions of the A42 and A32. They all come with 6.5-inch displays, but the A32 has an LED screen, while the others are OLED. Even though the A52 has the fastest refresh rate, the A32 still checks in at 90Hz. Surprisingly, the A42 costs more but only has a more typical refresh rate of 60Hz. However, the A42 comes with the same processor as the A52, the Snapdragon 750G. Expect to find the A42 5G for less than $400 and the A32 for less than $300.
In any case, many people sat on the fence about investing in 5G because so many 5G-compatible phones cost several hundred dollars. Also, the phone providers haven't completed the infrastructure needed to support high-speed 5G everywhere. These 5G Galaxy A phones appear to offer a good value and a more modest price.

Protecting a New Samsung Galaxy A Phone

As noted above, people have tended to hang onto their phones longer. There's also an active market in used or refurbished phones. This means prudent phone buyers should strongly consider buying a protection plan to ensure they can keep their devices in tip-top shape for a few years.
Not only will an Upsie Galaxy A subscription warranty cover repairs, it will also help people find qualified repair services. Upsie customers can call live reps 24-7 and choose between certified local or postage-paid mail with 2-day shipping. Covered repairs include damage from water spills, screen cracks, power or battery failures, and much more. Upsie also covers used phones and old phones as long as they are in good working condition.

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