All About Foldable Phones Including the Samsung Fold

Foldable phones have been all the buzz for the last few years. The first one debuted in December 2018, but it was not widely adopted by the general public. Samsung has released two versions of their foldable phones, and Raze and Huawei have released versions, too. If you’re curious about these innovative devices, we outlined this information on them just for you.

Should I get a foldable phone?

If you’re a tech early adopter, go for a foldable phone. But if you’re not ready to spend $1,300+ on a device that may not have all the kinks worked out, you should wait. The most popular are the Samsung foldable models. Even those have only been on the market since the winter of 2019; not hardly long enough.

What folding phones are currently on the market?

There are five folding phones currently on the market. They are:

What is the Samsung Galaxy Fold like?

The first Galaxy foldable phone is a 4.6 inch phone when folded and a 7.3 inch tablet when unfolded. It has an AMOLED display, 6 cameras, 12GB RAM and 512GB of internal storage.
There is a new model out called the Galaxy Z Fold2. It has 256GB of storage and 12GB of RAM. It’s slightly larger than its predecessor with a 7.6 inch display when open. It’s also similar to the Galaxy Z Flip in that it can stay partially unfolded.

How much is the newest Samsung Foldable phone?

Samsung Z Fold2 release date is September 18th, and preorders started on September 2nd. It costs double what a new flagship phone costs at $1,999.99.

Is the Galaxy Fold better than the Galaxy Z Flip?

The Galaxy Z Flip is different from the Galaxy fold in its shape. It folds horizontally from a phone to make a square shape when folded, rather than vertically from a tablet to make a phone. It comes in two versions: 5G and LTE. Both have a 6.7 inch infinity flex display made out of glass that folds.
Perhaps the coolest feature of the Z Flip is that it holds any folded position. This enables you to set the phone up for pictures, video chats and time lapses. The phone costs $1,299.99 for the LTE version and the 5G version costs $1,499.99.

What are the Samsung Fold specs and price?

Samsung has released three foldable phones to date. Here are the specs for all three:
Galaxy Fold Galaxy Z Fold2 Z Flip
Price $1,980 $1,999.99 $1,299.99 (LTE), $1,499.99 (5G)
Size 4.6", 7.3" 6.23", 7.6" 6.7"
Front Cameras 10MP, 8MP snapper (unfolded), 10MP (folded) 10MP (unfolded), 10MP (folded) 10 MP wide
Rear Cameras 12MP main, 16MP ultra-wide, 12MP telephoto 12MP main, 12MP ultra-wide, 12MP telephoto 12 MP wide, 12 MP, ultrawide
Storage 512GB 256GB 256GB
Pixels 1536 x 2152 1768 x 2208 1080 x 2636
Refresh Rate 60Hz 120Hz 120Hz

Is the Motorola Razr a good phone?

Motorola Razr 2020 is a second generation device; the first debuted earlier in 2020 at Verizon only. The new Razr is expected to be a big improvement and will be unlocked and available at AT&T, T-Mobile, Amazon and other retailers for $1,399.
When folded, it has a front, quick view that enables you to respond to messages, see notifications and even play music. Furthermore, the cameras have been updated and include night vision, artificial intelligence and Smart Composition, which automatically generates a second photo of professional quality. Other specifications include:
  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 710 processor
  • 128 GB storage
  • 5G connectivity
  • Unlimited photo storage
  • Water repellency
  • Google lens
  • 6.2″ foldable pOLED display
  • 2.7″ gOLED external display (when folded)

Where can you buy the Huawei Mate X?

The Huawei foldable phone is only available in China. After months of delays, it went on sale in November 2019 for around $2,400. Rather than the large eight inch screen folding inward like the Galaxy Fold, it folds so the screens stay on the outside. It also has three cameras that can be used in multiple orientations. Tom’s Guide wrote about an interesting mirror feature that allows you to look at your reflection when a picture is being taken.

Is the Royole Flexpai worth it?

A relatively unknown phone, the Royole Flexpai was the first commercial folding phone to hit the market on October 31, 2018. They are now working on their second generation model, but they are only available in China.
Royole claims that the high-resolution screen is extremely durable and can withstand over 200,000 folds. At 7.8 inches when unfolded, it runs Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and can be upgraded to support 5G. Furthermore it has two cameras: 20MP telephoto camera and a 16MP wide-angle camera. Time will tell if this second generation device is better than the first, but either way, it will not be available to US markets.

Can I get an Upsie warranty for my folding phone?

Upsie offers subscription warranties for foldable phones, including the Samsung Fold. Upsie's warranties protect smartphones and foldable phones from accidental damage, early wear, and defects, ensuring that phone users get the most out of every device.
Upsie plans are backed by the same great insurance companies that big-box retailers work with. However, in contrast, Upsie plans cost less expensive for the same great coverage. If you have any questions about Upsie plans, contact them and a friendly service representative will be happy to help.

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