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Today’s smartphones are sleek, powerful, beautiful devices that most people rely on for many parts of their lives. From work to social to gaming, the smartphone has become the device of choice for many users. In fact, upwards of half of all web traffic now occurs on mobile devices.
Of course, today’s smartphones are also expensive. With top handsets selling north of $1,000, a quality smartphone is a bigger investment than it used to be. They can be fragile, too. One firm that tracks such things reported that in 2018, a whopping 72 million phones were damaged, lost, or stolen in the US alone.
Since smartphones are more valuable than ever before and still remain highly damage-prone, many consumers have turned to cell phone protection plans to offset the risk of damage or loss. The team at Upsie understands the need here; it’s why they offer some of the best cell phone protection plans available today.
Below, we’ll show you why a cell phone protection plan is essential to protect your valuable investment as well as why Upsie is the best cell phone protection plan available today.

Is a Cell Phone Protection Plan Worth It?

Unless you’re in a financial situation where you could replace your phone at full cost at a moment’s notice, a cell phone protection plan is worth it. Because here’s the thing: phones break. They break a lot, and it’s usually due to an accident of some sort.
If you’re a longtime smartphone user, you may already know what your track record is like. But even if you’ve never broken a phone, you’re just one slip of the hand away from breaking a screen.
Here’s the bottom line: If you can’t afford to replace your phone immediately when it breaks, you should certainly consider protecting your phone with Upsie.

What Is Device Protection?

Most people take some common-sense steps to protect their mobile devices. For example, people put their phones in protective cases, or they leave them in the car when they go to the lake.
But when most people talk about “device protection,” they’re talking about some kind of smartphone extended warranty or accidental damage coverage. Apple calls theirs AppleCare+, and at Upsie, we just call it a smartphone subscription warranty or smartphone protection plan.
Pretty much all of these plans have a fee for the warranty itself, plus a deductible in the event that you file a claim. Rates for both of these vary widely, and the rates from the big players (like your carrier) tend to be way higher than Upsie. Make sure you know what you’ll pay both upfront and when you need to file a claim.
Curious how much you can save with an Upsie warranty? See our rates here.

What Is Covered Under Upsie’s Cell Phone Extended Warranty?

Upsie’s extended warranty covers all the major ways that people damage their phones, including:
  • Cracked Screen: Plans cover cracks or damage to screens from accidents or drops. You’ll be up and running again in no time!
  • Liquid Damage: Damage from spills or even submersion is covered.
  • Battery Failure: Should your phone suffer a battery or power source failure, including battery wiring or battery shorts, don’t worry about it. You’re covered!
  • Power Failure: This includes power failure, power shorts, and internal cord replacement.
  • Touch Screen Failure: If your touchscreen becomes unresponsive or unusable, Upsie will take care of it.
Those are the top five, but Upsie doesn’t stop there. Other more minor areas that Upsie covers include:
  • Camera Failure
  • Headphone Jack Failure
  • Audio Failure
  • Wi-Fi Failure
  • Bluetooth Failure
Whatever damage your device has suffered, Upsie provides for local repairs at a certified facility. iPhone owners can even take their device to the Genius Bar for repair.
And if you don’t want to visit a repair shop, that’s OK, too. Upsie customers can ship a broken device in for repair.

Does the Upsie Protection Plan Cover Accidental Damage?

Yes, all currently available plans for new and used phones include accidental damage coverage. No need to be embarrassed about how it happened. If it’s an accident, Upsie has your back.

What if My Phone Is Beyond Repair?

Many times, a damaged phone can be repaired. But there are situations where the damage is so severe, it would cost more than the device is worth to fix it. Just like a car that’s totaled, sometimes a smashed phone is a total loss.
Even in this situation, Upsie customers can breathe easy. All Upsie plans cover damage up to and including replacement of the phone.

Who Can I Contact with Questions?

If you have questions about protecting your smartphone with Upsie, you can contact the Upsie team at any time. Real humans still answer the phones at Upsie, and the same goes for Twitter and Facebook messages.
Call Upsie anytime at 1-877-844-7745 or connect via email.
To check how much an Upsie smartphone extended warranty will cost for your specific phone, check out Upsie's pricing utility.

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