Rumor Roundup: Samsung Galaxy S22 Latest Rumblings

It may feel like just yesterday that Android fans were basking in the glow of the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S21. (And it kind of was — Samsung released the S21 a few months back in January 2021.) However, even though it’s still early in the S21 life cycle, rumors are already swirling about the next great smartphone from Samsung, tentatively dubbed the Galaxy S22.
A new round of rumors started circulating in just the past week or so. While it’s still early, here’s what you might be able to expect from Samsung’s next flagship smartphone.

Pricing Approach

A few years back, Samsung was the first major smartphone maker to solidify the $999 starting point for its flagship phones, but it didn’t stay there with last year’s S21 release. As a result, those phones didn’t feel as premium as the previous S20s, but they also dropped a few hundred in price.
It’s not clear what direction Samsung will go for the S22, but it’s safe to assume it will either stay in the neighborhood of this year’s release or inch back up closer to its previous premium pricing.

Release Date

Samsung has historically released a new flagship phone each year, almost always in March. But last year, it broke the mold by releasing the S21 in January. Samsung definitely likes its 12-month release schedules, leading many to speculate that January 2022 will see the release of the new Galaxy S22.
If not January, you can count on the phone arriving by March.

Crazy Camera Upgrades?

Samsung has never been afraid to experiment with its cameras, but the latest rumor about the upcoming S22 series is surprising. If the rumors are true, at least the S22 Ultra will ship with the craziest camera yet: a five-lens camera system boasting a 200MP main sensor, potentially even featuring technology from pro camera maker Olympus.
A five-lens camera system could enable continuous optical zooming with no gaps between the lenses, giving the S22 Ultra a smoother and more detailed result than this year’s phones.
Of course, whether any of these upgrades end up materializing is still up in the air. It’s also uncertain which upgrades will make it into which models. For that matter, it’s not even a guarantee that Samsung will ship the same three models next year (though most expect that they will).

Other New Features for the Galaxy S22

Expect the Samsung Galaxy S22 to feature the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, the Snapdragon 895, if it launches on time in late 2021. Android 12 should also be on board.
It’s still too early to say what the display sizes will be. Perhaps the industry has finally reached max phone size, and Samsung will stick with the same sizes as last year (6.2, 6.7 and 6.8 inches for the three models).
Most industry watchers expect Samsung to stick with its three-model lineup, with an S22, an S22 Plus, and an S22 Ultra. However, a less expensive midcycle release (usually FE, for Fan Edition) might come later in 2022— especially if Samsung goes back to premium flagship prices this year.
Other than the camera, there aren’t any particularly strong rumors suggesting any revolutionary new tech this year. Expect the Galaxy S22 line to be a little more iterative and a little less groundbreaking.
Still, interest in a new Android flagship remains high, and for good reason. Samsung’s top-tier handsets are well built and a pleasure to use, and there’s every reason to assume The Galaxy S22 lineup will live up to those expectations.

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