Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021: Predictions, Date and More

Samsung recently announced their 2021 Galaxy Unpacked event, and it’s sure to be an exciting one for fans of the Android flagship smartphone maker. Here’s what you can expect about the event, including the day and time, plus top predictions from around the web.

Mark Your Calendars (and How to Watch)

The Galaxy Unpacked 2021 event is scheduled for August 11th at 11 pm Korea Standard Time. That’s 10 am for those on the US east coast, and a bright and early 7 am for US west coast residents.
If you want to watch the event yourself, you can do so directly on Samsung’s site or over on YouTube.

What’s Definite

A few things are definite about this event based on Samsung’s teaser page. From the artwork to the copy, it’s clear the company plans to announce more foldable phones. The tagline “Get ready to unfold” leaves no room for doubt on this point. Considering the company has already released two generations of foldable phones, and that the second generation has been around for a while, the timing is right for more.

What’s Expected

Through the usual process of leaks, supply chain reports and so on, the tech press has a pretty good idea of what Samsung plans to announce at Galaxy Unpacked this year. While there could be surprise reveals or unexpected omissions, these are the five devices expected for the event.

Galaxy Z Fold 3

There isn’t a lot of info available on the rumored Galaxy Z Fold 3. Of course, expect it to improve upon the Galaxy Z Fold 2 in several ways. The device appears to be a triple-camera foldable smartphone with a vertical fold. It opens like a book or pamphlet, expanding out to a generous rectangular workspace somewhere in the 7.6-inch range. When closed, it’s still a fully functional smartphone with a 6-plus inch display.
Last year’s model brought an incremental hinge for dual-zone viewing and use, plus durability improvements. Expect Samsung to continue refining along these lines this year.
While it’s always possible that Samsung is hiding some killer new design change, it doesn’t look likely this year, according to recent leaked renders. One rumored new functionality is S Pen support, which could be a nice addition on this large-screen device.

Galaxy Z Flip 3

The other approach to foldable phones is the clamshell design, which opens upward like a sci-fi communicator or an old-school flip phone. That’s what the Galaxy Z Flip series has been, and this year’s update looks to continue the trend.
Open, you have a standard-sized Android smartphone, clocking in at over 6 inches of screen real estate. But fold it closed, and you have a dainty pocketable device with a smaller front view screen.
The front screen on last year’s Z Flip was disappointingly small. Leaked renders for this year’s phone show a larger, possibly 1.9-inch display. It’s not enough for full smartphone functionality like you get with the Z Fold, but it’s enough for notifications, time, and small interface options like music.
What can and can’t run on that front screen will be exciting to watch. Imagine reading or voice-responding to texts without opening your phone or even receiving walking or driving directions that way.

Two Models of Galaxy Watch 4

Also expected at Galaxy Unpacked are two versions of the next-gen Galaxy Watch. Reports are conflicted about what exactly these will be. However, a Classic or Active model (or both) might make the cut.

Galaxy Buds 2

Finally, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds are due for a refresh, as well. Expect an announcement of the Galaxy Buds 2, the sequel to Samsung’s first affordable true wireless earbuds. It’s possible that the Galaxy Buds 2 will switch to fitted silicone tips, moving the design and fit closer to the Galaxy Buds Pro.

What’s Uncertain

It seems like most of the juicy news has already leaked, but there are some important details that remain uncertain.
First, release dates. Will Samsung face noticeable delays due to the global chip shortage? Or will the tech giant be able to sidestep (or hide) the problem? Chances are, no one will know until the event itself. Some announced items might be available right away, while others might be months away from release.
Second, pricing. Globally, prices are up thanks to surges in demand and remaining supply chain constraints. But Samsung’s foldable phones have been very expensive in the past, pricing many consumers out of the market. It’s still uncertain whether this will be the year of the affordable foldable or whether the Z phones will remain at an ultra-premium price point.

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