Best Used Smartphone Purchasing Tips

Did you decide to buy a used smartphone rather than a new one? Good choice. Refurbished smartphones can last just as long as new ones, especially when you protect them with a warranty.

Can I buy a protection plan for my used phone?

In most cases, yes you can. Used or refurbished devices must be in good working condition in order to get an Upsie extended warranty.
In addition, all certified refurbished phones from retailers will come with a seller warranty. Most used phones from eBay and Amazon do, as well. Whether or not you buy an extended protection plan, you will want the warranty in case something happens to the phone in the first 30-days.

Are refurbished and used phones worth it?

Purchasing a refurbished or used phone has its pros and cons, but it is almost always worth it. You can get a phone that is less than a year old for hundreds of dollars less than a new model in the store. Oftentimes, there is nothing wrong with the phone to begin with; the owner simply wanted a new model, so they traded it in. That great phone can then end up in your pocket. However, it’s always a smart idea to purchase a used phone extended warranty from Upsie to protect your used phone.

Samsung refurbished phone vs Apple refurbished phone

Samsung and Apple offer great used phones for sale. They both are certified refurbished, meaning that the phones are inspected and repaired by their technicians before they are listed for resale. Also, they both come with a 12-month limited warranty. The warranties only cover manufacturing defects; they do not cover drops, spills or other accidents like Upsie’s warranty plan.

Can I get AppleCare on a used iPhone?

Yes, you can. AppleCare+ plans are offered for used iPhones, but they do come at a higher price point than AppleCare+ on a new phone. The reason for this is because Apple knows that there’s a slightly higher risk in protecting refurbished devices than new phones. It’s why getting warranty protection is so important, especially when it’s from a reputable, reliable company like Upsie.

Who has the best used phone warranty?

Upsie has the best used phone warranty. One reason why their plans stick out is because they not only extend the manufacturer warranty, they have accidental damage protection. This means that if you accidentally drop your phone and shatter the screen, Upsie has you covered. Upsie also has tremendous customer service. They take claims 24/7/365 from their claims center so you can get your phone repaired same day, in most cases. Lastly, Upsie plans are priced very competitively so you can have peace of mind with a lower price tag.

What is Upsie's used smartphone warranty claims process like?

Upsie’s claims process is quick and stress-free. After you buy, you will be prompted to activate your plan by entering basic device information. This only takes a couple minutes. Then, when you need to make a claim, the service representatives already have all the information they need. They will let you know on the first call if your claim is covered and then locate a repair center and schedule an appointment for you. Genius Bar repairs are also covered for iPhones on approved claims. If you have a repair shop you like, the representative can also get that location approved for use. After, off to the repair shop you go! It’s that easy.
Getting Upsie for your new-for-you, used phone is a great decision. It is by far the most helpful tip for helping you buy the best used smartphone. For any questions you might have about Upsie, send them a message on Facebook, Twitter, or on their website.

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