All About Phone Insurance for Used Phones

Selecting phone insurance for used phones may sound complicated, but it’s actually quite simple. See, not all warranty plans are created equal, and not all warranty companies offer the same level of service. We’ll help you select the best warranty company and answer common questions regarding phone insurance for used and refurbished phones.

Can you get insurance protection on a used or refurbished phone?

Yes, you can get insurance on a used or refurbished phone through leading warranty company, Upsie. Upsie offers comprehensive warranty protection for used smartphones, as well as tablets, laptops and more. Smartphone plans are available up to four months (120 days) after the purchase of your used device.

Does used cell phone insurance cover accidental damage?

Some used phone insurance for sued phones, like Upsie, covers accidental damage. It’s recommended to only purchase used phones that come with a seller or manufacturer warranty. This ensures that, if the phone is not refurbished properly, or malfunctions within the first 30-days, it can be returned or repaired by the seller. These warranties are great, but they do not cover accidents like drops and spills. But, as long as your used phone does come with a seller or manufacturer warranty, you can get Upsie warranty protection. Upsie protection offers two years of protection for accidents, battery failure and other defects.

Pre-owned smartphone warranty pros and cons

Purchasing a pre-owned smartphone is a great decision for many people. But is adding on extended warranty protection also a good decision? Here are some pros and cons for getting Upsie insurance for your new-for-you phone.


  • Protect your new investment
  • Peace of mind that your phone is protected
  • Accident damage protection from drops and spills included
  • Saves you money when your phone malfunctions or breaks
  • Higher retail value if you sell your phone (warranties are transferable)


  • Small additional cost up-front
  • You might not need to file a claim

Can you get insurance on a phone after you buy it?

Upsie phone insurance is available up to 120 days after purchasing the phone. This is true for both new and used or refurbished phones. It’s important to note that phones must come with a seller warranty of at least 30-days in order to add on an Upsie used phone extended warranty.

Where is the best place to get used phone insurance?

The best place to get phone insurance is from Upsie. They offer protection for new and used smartphones, as well as other electronic devices such as laptops, TV’s and even appliances. Their plans are less expensive than competitors plans for the same level of coverage and top-notch customer service.

How to make a claim with a used phone protection plan

If you have a used phone protection plan through Upsie, making a claim is quick and pain-free. Log into your Upsie account and locate the plan. Either call the claims number listed or fill out an online form and one of the Upsie service representatives will call you back at a time that works for you. The service representative will let you know on the first call if your claim is covered and then locate a certified repair shop (or Genius Bar for iPhone) near you and schedule an appointment. If you would rather ship your phone into Upsie’s repair facility, they will send you a shipping label and supplies. The shipping method is 2-day.
Is there a question about mobile phone insurance that we didn’t answer? Reach out to Upsie on their website, Facebook or Twitter.

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