Best Insurance for Used and Refurbished Cell Phones

You’re done searching for a used phone that’s perfect for you, but have you protected it yet? Used phones are often at a higher-risk of breaking because they have already been out and about in the real world. We outlined some common FAQs to help you select the best insurance for your used or refurbished cell phone.

How do I get insurance for a used smartphone?

You can get insurance for a used smartphone online. No going into a store or talking to a pushy sales representative. The best protection plan is from a company called Upsie. There are other options that cost more or do not offer protection from accidents, but why would you want those? Upsie’s phone protection plans are hassle-free and easy to use.

Is a used phone warranty worth the cost?

A used phone warranty is definitely worth the money. Used phones are fantastic because they cost so much less than a new model for a similar quality device. They do, however, have higher risks than a new phone and may be more likely to malfunction. When the cost of a phone repair can total as high as $599, a warranty is essential. After all, that may be more than you paid for your used device in the first place!

Does used phone insurance cover drops and spills?

Extended used phone coverage from Upsie does come with accidental damage coverage (the used phone warranty that comes with phones when you purchase them does not come with coverage for drops and spills). Accident damage means any defects caused to your phone due to an accident. Common accidents include dropping the phone in a toilet, falling out of your pocket and being knocked off of a table.

What is the best Apple refurbished iPhone protection plan?

The best Apple refurbished iPhone protection plan comes from Upsie. With Upsie's Smartphone Warranty Subscriptions, customers pay just $9.99 per month for smartphone protection. Upsie’s deductible price for screen repairs is $0, meaning you can get your screen repaired for free. Lastly, you can still get your iPhone repaired at the Genius Bar under Upsie’s warranty protection. Learn more about their iPhone plans by visiting their website.

What is the best refurbished Samsung phone insurance?

Unlike Apple, Samsung does not even offer extended warranties on their refurbished phones. The only option is to go with a third party service like Upsie. Upsie's Smartphone Subscriptions include comprehensive protection for an affordable price. In addition, plans cost less than plans from phone carriers, and Upsie has great service and transparent plans. Learn more about Samsung phone coverage on their website.

What if I sell my used phone?

No problem! If you sell your used phone, you cancel the Upsie Subscription plan at any time with no penalities or fees. After all, Upsie is here to serve you and help you with whatever decision you want to make.

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