How to Know if You have iPhone Insurance and How to Buy It

According to Quartz technology editor, Mike Murphy, it’s easy to spend over $1,000 on a new iPhone. Phone buyers might pay somewhat less or even considerably more after factoring in costs for accessories, taxes, and of course, iPhone protection plans.
An iPhone costs a lot, but it also offers some valuable features like clear displays, generous storage, and excellent cameras. For many iPhone owners, these features justify the price. On the other hand, few people want to absorb the cost of an unexpected repair bill or replacement.
Unlike some other valuable objects, iPhone users don’t keep their phones stored away in vaults or display cases. Instead, they slip them in pockets, toss them on dashboards and desks and, as a result, drop them. That’s why it’s important to make sure a phone has coverage from a high-quality, responsive, and affordable phone protection plan.
With that in mind, take a moment to get answers to some frequent questions about phone protection plans.

Can You Insure an iPhone?

Consumers have plenty of choices for insuring their mobile phones. As an example, iPhone buyers can choose to purchase AppleCare+ either through a one-time purchase or monthly subscription.
Purchasers only have this option at the time of purchase or within 30 days. As an alternative, Upsie offers smartphone plans for both new and refurbished phones. In addition, customers can buy protection plans up to 120 days after the iPhone purchase date.

What Does Phone Insurance Cover?

An accidental damage plan from Upsie both extends the manufacturer’s warranty and covers accidental damage. Some examples of typical manufacturer’s warranty protection include battery, touchscreen or camera failure. Accidental damage protection includes unexpected problems from spills, dropped phones and other common sources of damage.
Note that manufacturer’s warranties mostly protect consumers against some fault in the phone when it comes from the factory or retail store and not accidental damage. Luckily Upsie covers all of this.

Will iPhone Protection Cover Cracked Screens?

Dropping phones against hard surfaces is one of the most common sources of phone damage and cracked screens. Yes, Upsie will cover cracked screens. Sadly, accidents may damage more than just the screen, and when comparing AppleCare to Upsie, it’s easy to see that AppleCare only covers a limited number of damages. If the drop cracked the screen, and also damaged the LCD screen below, Upsie would still cover all of it.

Is iPhone Insurance Worth the Money?

Naturally, repair prices vary by the service outlet and location. According to PCMag, something as common and simple as screen repair can cost over $300 without a protection plan. Some repairs for high-end iPhones could total as much as $600. A few dollars a month for a protection plan can alleviate concerns over unexpected repair or replacement bills. Also, Upsie doesn’t limit the number of qualified repairs made under the plan.

Can You Still Buy iPhone Protection Plans After 30 Days?

AppleCare only allows their phone owners to add on a warranty up to 30 days after a purchase. In contrast, Upsie accepts customers up to 120 days after the purchase of a new or refurbished phone.

How Does iPhone Insurance Work?

With Upsie, mobile phone owners can simply purchase their protection plan online and activate coverage by entering simple information about their device. All of the information about the phone and the plan gets stored online, so it’s always accessible by phone or computer.
For phones, coverage begins:
  • Plans purchased on the same day as the phone will start that day.
  • Plans with accident protection that are bought after the day of phone purchase will begin on the 31st day after plan purchase.
  • Note that new phones must come with a minimum of 90-day warranty, and refurbished phones have to come with at least a 30-day seller’s warranty.
To file a claim 24/7, plan owners will call the phone number listed on their My Account page. Live representatives will discuss the most convenient repair option for you. Options include local service centers, Genius Bar for iPhones, mail-in repairs, or replacements if the phone can’t be fixed.

How Do You Buy Mobile Insurance?

Of course, retailers will offer their own branded protection plans at the time of purchase, but no customer has to accept it. Savvy shoppers compare phone insurance alternatives to make sure they’re getting the best possible coverage for their money. With Upsie, customers can conveniently compare, apply, and buy a mobile protection plan entirely online.

How Much Does iPhone Insurance Cost?

The price of phone insurance depends upon the cost of the mobile device and if it is new or refurbished. The deductible price should be factored in, too. A deductible refers to the amount of the repair cost paid before insurance will cover the rest. As one example, Upsie protection for an iPhone 12 priced at $699 costs only $115 for a two-year plan and has a $49 deductible for repairs and a $99 deductible for replacements. In contrast, AppleCare has a $29 deductible for cracked screens and a $99 deductible for everything else. Their plan costs $149 for two years of coverage.

Which One is the Best Mobile Insurance?

Some benefits of Upsie plans include the ability to speak with a live representative at any time and usually get claims settled with one call. It’s risk-free to try because Upsie will offer a 100-percent refund for plans canceled within 30 days and prorated refunds at any time.

Who Can You Contact With Mobile Insurance Questions?

It’s simple and convenient to compare and buy Upsie plans online. To get more information from customer service representatives, call 1-877-844-7745 from 9 AM and 4 PM CST.

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