What to Do if You Drop Your Phone in Water

Most of us have become heavily dependent on our smartphones for everything from calls, texts, and social media interaction to purchases, banking, photos and video, and even smart home control. Our phones are an intricate part of our lives, and if they break or we damage them by accident, it can be devastating. It’s essential to know what to do if you drop your phone in water.

Ways to Deal with a Wet Phone

No one ever expects to drop a phone in water, but it does happen. Don’t panic. Try the following tips to fix the problem quickly.
  • Turn the phone off. If water has gotten inside the phone, you don’t want the inner electronics getting damaged further. Keep it turned off until you are sure all the water has dried.
  • Dry off the phone with a soft cloth or paper towels.
  • If you have a phone where you can easily access the battery, take off the cover and remove the battery. Then, dry it and store it in a safe place until the rest of the phone is dry. Water can corrode batteries and make them unusable.
  • Remove the SIM card and any other removable media (like a micro-SD card).
  • Gently shake the phone to remove any water from the ports.
  • Fill a container with uncooked white rice and bury your phone in it. Leave it there in direct sunlight for at least two days undisturbed. If you can’t place it in the sun, cover the container.
  • After at least 48 hours, you can check to see if the phone is dry. Then, remove any pieces of rice stuck to the phone or in ports and turn it on to see if it works.
Another way you can save your waterlogged phone is to buy a cell phone water damage kit before you drop the phone in water. Having one on hand will alleviate a lot of your stress. These kits use synthetic materials to absorb the water and pull it from all crevices of the device.
You can also try putting your phone near a fan or using a hairdryer (on low, no heat) to dry out the delicate areas of your phone. It’s also a good idea to educate yourself on the best ways to clean a smartphone, so you don’t damage it while trying to clean or dry it.

What About Water Resistant/Waterproof Phones?

Many of the newer model phones are waterproof or at least water-resistant. However, keep in mind even waterproof phones are only protected to a certain point. For example, iPhones are waterproof but only up to a maximum depth of 6 meters of water for 30 minutes. If you drop your iPhone in a pool and don’t realize it until an hour later, it may still be ruined.
If, after your water rehab, the phone still doesn’t work, you can get it repaired (this is where your warranty kicks in) or sell it for parts.

Contact Your Smartphone Warranty Provider

After you have exhausted all the tips above and your smartphone is still not working, contact your smartphone warranty provider. However, manufacturers’ warranties rarely cover accidents like water damage.
For example, Apple states that “splash, water, and dust resistance are not permanent conditions and resistance might decrease as a result of normal wear. Liquid damage is not covered under warranty.” Therefore, if you damage the phone by getting it wet, the standard warranty won’t cut it, and you may have to replace the phone, costing you hundreds of dollars.
In contrast, with an extended warranty from Upsie, you have complete coverage. Upsie’s Smartphone Subscription Warranties cover accidental spills, drops, cracks, water damage, and even some manufacturing defects not covered under the manufacturer’s limited warranty. In addition, if the smartphone is too damaged for repairs, Upsie will offer a replacement.
Upsie’s warranties cost just $9.99 per month, with is less than warranties from retailers and manufacturers. Upsie also offers 24/7 claims support and reputable, certified repair technicians. As a result, customers get the best protection at the best price.

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