The Google Pixel 6 Release: Specs, Price and New Features

Google's lineup of Pixel phones has gained a loyal following over the years. With such devotion comes a natural desire for new handsets. Fortunately, Google is happy to oblige an increasingly devoted fanbase with another exciting new Pixel device.
Google officially announced Pixel 6 on October 19 and promises it will be the best Pixel phone yet. Not sure if it's worth the hype? Keep reading for insight into this new contender in the smartphone market.

AI-Powered System on a Chip

Apple's much-hyped M1 chip hasn't made it to the iPhone just yet. Meanwhile, Google is hoping to beat Apple to market with Tensor — a system on a chip with impressive AI capabilities. The Tensor chip warrants a whole new level of excitement and offers the promise of machine learning.
One of Tensor's many advantages? The AI automatically cleans up photos. What's more, videos may see greatly improved stabilization and dynamic range effects. Other quality-of-life improvements are available in the new Pixel 6, leaving consumers anxious to try the phone for themselves.

Camera Upgrades

Pixel phones have always had fantastic cameras. This advantage can be seen all the way back in the first generation of Pixel phones. Since Apple advertises the iPhone 13 Pro Max as essentially a Hollywood-caliber video camera, the new Pixel phone has sturdy competition. The Pixel 6 features both ultra-wide and telephoto lenses, in addition to the standard camera lens.
Another interesting new development for the Pixel 6 is the rear camera bar. It's designed to give the phone a unique look. It should also hide the three cameras contained within. Will this bar just get covered up by a case once it's in the hands of users? Probably, but it's also quite possible some Pixel 6 cases will leave the bar unobstructed and out for the world to see.

Ready for Widgets

The Pixel 6 comes with widget-friendly features. While widgets aren't new, they do seem to be underutilized on most Android phones. The days of loading up a new phone with dozens of apps are over, although it's hard for widgets to replace certain types of apps. With Pixel 6, Google tackles this trend — and gives widgets the love they deserve.
A new feature called Material You lets Android users edit widgets, icons, and colors. However, widgets aren't the only new feature. Google also introduced a new security chip called Titan 2. Titan 2 protects against security attacks, something that Android users have been concerned about in the past.

Google Pixel 6 Release Date and Price

Google held a launch event on October 19, announcing that the official release date for the Google Pixel 6 is October 28. In the meantime, customers can preorder the phone to ensure they receive it the moment it’s released in stores.
Google Pixel 6 starts at $599, and the Pixel 6 Pro starts at $899. Customers can also upgrade their storage from 128GB of storage to 256GB for the Pixel 6. The Pixel 6 Pro can be upgraded from 128GB to 256GB or 512GB.
In addition, Google offers the Pixel Pass for $45 per month or $55 per month for the Pixel 6 Pro. This pass grants customers access to Google One, YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium, Google Play Pass, and Preferred Care. The Pixel Pass also lets customers upgrade to a new Pixel phone after two years.

Why Extended Warranties Are Important for Google Pixel Phones

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