What to Know About the New IOS 16 Lock Screen

Every summer, Apple hosts a developer conference and unveils new upcoming changes to its various operating systems. In June, Apple announced some very exciting changes to iOS 16, especially the lock screen features.

What is the iOS Lock Screen?

Most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about their lock screen. However, it is an important feature of iOS. The lock screen activates after a few minutes of inactivity, and you can set how long before it turns on. The lock screen prevents anyone from picking up your phone and using it without your permission. It is a huge safety feature.
Typically, the lock screen shows the background of your choice, along with the time and date, plus a couple of quick launch buttons at the bottom to open the camera or turn on the flashlight feature. Most iPhone users have gotten used to the simple design. When notifications appear on the lock screen, they show until you swipe them off.

Upcoming Changes to iOS 16 Lock Screen

With iOS 16, the lock screen is getting some big updates. One of the most exciting new features is that you can place widgets on your lock screen to control battery levels, date, weather, time, alarms, calendar events, and more.

Live Activities

You will love the new live updates feature if you are a sports fan. You can check your lock screen and see a quick update of the score from your favorite sports games in progress, with comments and time remaining. This feature also works well for food deliveries, Uber rideshare, and other live activities you want to check on with a glance.

Multiple Lock Screens

With iOS 16, you will have the ability to create multiple lock screens for your different focus modes. You can schedule them to appear at different times of the day. Set a different wallpaper for each, customize with widgets and more. To switch between lock screens, you can simply swipe.

Customize Editor

Another big feature with iOS is the ability to customize your lock screen with different fonts, colors, and arrangements for the time and date. You can also put a picture (background) in front of the date/time to create a layered effect.

Photo Shuffle

For those iPhone users who love variety, you can also set your lock screen to shuffle through your photos so you’ll never get tired of looking at the same background for too long. Your iPhone will also suggest photos that might work well for your background.

Other Changes to IOS 16 Lock Screen

Apple has also enhanced many of the widgets, especially for this new lock screen, so that you can enjoy richer engagements with information such as weather, astronomy, emojis, and color gradients. Apple has also updated the now playing widget to be more accessible and interesting on the lock screen. Another fun new feature is notification animations to enhance how you interact with your notification on the lock screen.
The new iOS operating system brings many exciting new changes, like using your iPhone as a webcam and much more! Unfortunately, although iPhone users look forward to the many changes, you must wait until the fall when Apple releases the latest OS versions.

Protecting Your Smartphone With a Warranty

iPhone users love their phones and the opportunity to customize them even further with the upcoming iOS 16. There is a lot of new fun stuff coming our way in the fall.
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