Zagg Versus BodyGuardz: Top Screen Protectors Compared

The latest smartphones are bigger and more expensive than ever. Using a screen protector can protect your screen and save you hundreds of dollars in repairs.
You can always jump on Amazon and buy some cheap no-name screen protector, but can you be sure what you’re getting? A better plan is to stick with a well-known brand. Two of the oldest and most well-known in the space are Zagg, with its InvisibleShield line of screen protectors, and BodyGuardz, with its own innovative lineup.

Zagg Overview

Zagg was founded in 2005 and created TPU-style screen protectors with a liquid application process. The company owns several other accessory-related brands, including Mophie power banks and iFrogz, a case line that now creates headphones.
Zagg’s InvisibleShield lineup now creates TPU, tempered glass, hybrid glass, and a few other novel solutions.

BodyGuardz Overview

BodyGuardz, on the other hand, has been around since 2002. It offers a wide range of phone accessories and cases, including several innovative types of screen protectors. It, too, owns a couple of other brands: adventure-oriented accessory and gear maker Lander, and Moxyo, a women-centric brand offering phone wallets, wristbands, accessories and more.

Zagg InvisibleShield Product Highlights

Zagg’s screen protectors are branded as InvisibleShield and offer impressive warranties across the lineup. In addition, it offers a dizzying array of specific models, including these top performers.

Glass Elite+

Glass Elite+ is InvisibleShield’s standard tempered glass protector, which includes both maximum impact protection and antimicrobial treatment. In addition, Zagg has included ion exchange technology for even more durability, plus ClearPrint, which makes fingerprints disappear.
Like all mainline Zagg protectors, Glass Elite+ includes a limited lifetime warranty for the life of the phone.

Glass Elite VisionGuard+ (and Anti-Glare+ and Privacy+)

To the already excellent Glass Elite+ base, Zagg will add one or more enhancements of your choice. For example, VisionGuard+ is a blue light filter layer that may reduce eye strain during extended viewing. Anti-Glare+ is what it sounds like, making your phone easier to use outdoors. And Privacy+ adds a privacy layer that makes your phone harder to view from odd angles.

GlassFusion VisionGuard+ with D30

A high-performance “fusion polymer” offers a glasslike feel but with the flexibility and ease of installation of a polymer. One example is GlassFusion. GlassFusion isn’t made of glass, similar to old-school InvisibleShield products, yet is much better in quality than its predecessors.
This product offers blue light filtration and antimicrobial treatment with 100% clarity. D30 is an impact additive, which keeps impacts from breaking through to your phone’s screen.

GlassFusion+ Canvas

This unique product is reserved for tablets, providing the benefits of GlassFusion+ but with a unique finish that feels somewhat paper-like. It’s perfect for artists or others using an Apple Pencil or other stylus with their tablet. It gives the same textural feel as paper, improving the pen or pencil experience while offering superior protection at the same time.

BodyGuardz Product Highlights

BodyGuardz also offers an innovative range of protectors with a variety of attributes and enhancements. Here are the highlights.

Pure 2 Edge

Pure 2 Edge is a tempered glass protector that is stronger and thinner than most, with an added layer of antimicrobial protection. This protector is water and smudge-resistant and offers superior touch sensitivity as well. For extreme impact and scratch protection, Pure 2 Edge is a solid choice.


PRTX is what BodyGuardz calls a synthetic glass screen protector. It gives you the maximum clarity that polymer films can achieve with superior touch sensitivity like you get from glass. In addition, PRTX is engineered to be shatterproof, with excellent impact protection. It also has a layer of antimicrobial protection built-in.

EyeGuard or Privacy models

Both Pure 2 Edge and PRTX screen protectors are available with an EyeGuard layer or a Privacy layer. These work the same as InvisibleShield, either filtering out blue light or making the phone hard to see from odd angles.


Sometimes, less is more. If you want high-quality flexible TPU protection (for all sides of your device, not just the screen), UltraTough is a great choice. It provides the self-healing qualities that make TPU great, with the best scratch protection possible. UltraTough is easier to apply than earlier generations of TPU, too.

Final Thoughts: Zagg Versus BodyGuardz

Both companies offer superb screen protectors. However, each takes slightly different approaches to arrive at similar end products. the battle of  Zagg Versus BodyGuardz comes down to your personal preferences. BodyGuardz has a slight edge on price, coming in lower than Zagg in most categories. Ultimately, the best choice for you is the one with the right combination of features and price and that’s available for your device.

Upsie Offers an Additional Layer of Protection

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