The Best Fossil Smartwatch Warranty Options Online

If asked to name a couple of smartwatch brands, most people would probably think of Apple and Samsung. In fact, Tom’s Guide ranks Apple and Samsung models in the first two spots for top smartwatches in 2021. Of course, many consumers tend to gravitate to one or the other because of their preference for operating systems and compatibility.
In other words, people with Apple phones will probably buy an Apple watch. Android phone owners may gravitate to Samsung because of the company’s name recognition. In fact, Samsung advertises its smartwatches as compatible with iOS, but most people buy this brand to pair with their Android phone.
Fossil offers Android smartphone users a newer choice with its line of smartwatches. In fact, Tom’s Guide praised the Fossil Gen 5 LTE as one of the best WearOS smartwatches. In particular, the reviewer mentioned the long battery life, generous amount of RAM, and stylish appearance. For a quick introduction to the differences between these brands, see this quick comparison of Apple, Samsung, and Fossil smartwatches.

What Are Common Fossil Smartwatch Repairs?

A phone repair service called FixIt Mobile published a list of the most common issues that make smartwatch repairs necessary. These include:
  • Excessive battery drain: Disabling unneeded apps and features should help preserve battery life. Reducing the light setting may also help. If the battery starts performing much worse than it did when it was new, it’s probably time to consult a repair service.
  • Voice controls not responding: Sadly, users typically cannot resolve this problem on their own and may not understand what caused it. Users either need to use their phone without voice controls or see if a professional repairman can fix the issue.
  • Touch screens not responding: While drops or exposure to moisture might damage touchscreens, sometimes users experience problems for no apparent reason. Ensure the screen is clean and dry and try restarting the watch. If this doesn’t work, it needs professional repairs.
  • Lost data: Typically, this happens when the user fails to properly unpair the watch from an old phone before switching to a new one. Sometimes, smartphone repair technicians can recover the data.

Where to Buy the Best Fossil Smartwatch Extended Warranty

Fossil smartwatches haven’t been on the market as long as Apple and Samsung, but don’t mistake these for cheap watches. As an example, the Fossil Gen 5 LTE retails for about $229. Obviously, fossil owners will want to know that they can enjoy all of the features and benefits of this device for a few years. Meanwhile, the limited warranty that comes with the watch will only protect the purchaser against defects that they might find in the first few months of use.
Enjoy better protection by purchasing an Upsie Fossil smartwatch extended warranty within 60 days of purchasing the watch. Enjoy these benefits with an Upsie smartwatch warranty:
  • A low $25 deductible
  • Repair for all kinds of damage, including exposure to liquids, drops, cracked screens, power failures, connectivity problems, and much more.
  • Upsie also lets customers choose between certified local service centers or mail-in repairs and has claims representatives standing by 24-7.
  • Upsie also allows members to transfer an active warranty to a new owner if they sell or give the watch away as a gift.
  • If the smartwatch costs too much to repair, Upsie will offer to replace it.
Instead of charging hundreds for comprehensive protection, Upsie’s direct-to-consumer business model lets Upsie charge less than other warranty companies. Take time to find the best smartwatch. Then take just a few minutes to register it for an Upsie warranty.

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