Bugatti Smartwatches Are Here – Do You Need One?

Bugatti first announced news of its planned smartwatch range back in May 2021. Almost a year on, they’re finally here. The watches result from a collaboration between the famous French automaker and Austrian smartwatch brand VIITA.
The project, financed by backers on Kickstarter, has faced various setbacks. These setbacks came after an incredible start in which the project reached its funding goal in under 24 hours. The first watches should’ve arrived in customers’ hands in October last year. However, the company soon struck a roadblock.
Like many manufacturers, Bugatti and VIITA were hit by the global chip shortage. Battery certification authority work, assembly issues, and stringent quality control all further contributed to a final delivery date that was repeatedly pushed back.
Fast-forward to today, though, and the Bugatti team has finally overcome these and various other obstacles to see its smartwatches appearing on customers’ wrists.

Bugatti Smartwatch Range

The Bugatti smartwatches come in three distinct styles. These form what the automaker calls the Bugatti Ceramique Edition One collection. The trio of styles reflects various Bugatti automobile special editions, including the $13.4 million La Voiture Noire. That’s the Le Noire, which is joined by the Pur Sport and Divo – each limited-edition versions of the manufacturer’s Chiron hypercar.
All three get identical LED touchscreens and typical smartwatch functionality, including GPS, health monitoring, and more. And while it’s hardly a Bugatti-exclusive feature, the lineup also specifically caters to motor racing fans. With that, buyers can record and monitor lap times at their favorite racing circuits.
Every Bugatti Ceramique Edition One arrives in a luxurious wooden box with titanium and silicone straps and a leather bezel pouch. Also included are a charger, a special screwdriver for changing bezels, and a user manual.
Other highlights include various chrono, tacho, analog, and simple watch faces featuring prominent Bugatti branding, plus three more subtle clock, classic, and traveler designs.

How Much Do Bugatti Smartwatches Cost?

In a somewhat surprising turn of events, the Bugatti smartwatch collection has turned out to be reasonably affordable. Keep in mind that Bugatti’s Chiron hypercar costs almost $3 million. So, by contrast, their smartwatches feel like a veritable bargain with a launch price of €899 (just over $1,000).
Of course, while the three smartwatches are far from cheap, they’re no more expensive than the current range-topping Apple Watches. Going forward, prices will start at €990, which is roughly $1,100. Even at that price, they’re currently sold out until early summer.
It’s also worth noting that there are plenty of similarities between the Bugatti smartwatch lineup and those already sold by collaborator VIITA. Their input has no doubt helped massively in keeping down the cost of Bugatti’s range. At the same time, considering the similarities, the Ceramique Edition One collection feels a tad pricey when you realize that many of VIITA’s best-selling models are currently on sale for just €99, or around $110.
Of course, buyers are paying a premium for the exclusive Bugatti branding. However, much beyond that, the two smartwatches are ultimately very similar.

Who Backed the Bugatti Smartwatch Project?

Of course, cost likely isn’t an issue for many of Bugatti’s smartwatch backers via Kickstarter, with the brand’s existing automotive customers invariably very wealthy. Yet, individuals across the board were invited to back the project, and once new stock arrives, sales will be open to anyone wishing to shell out on a Bugatti smartwatch.
Interestingly, of those who backed the project, over one-third reported already owning at least one Rolex. Around a quarter also own a Breitling, while a further 10 percent have a Patek Philippe watch in their collection.
Many are existing smartwatch owners, as well, with over half reportedly owning an Apple Watch. Furthermore, around twenty percent said they owned one of Samsung’s current range of smartwatches, while 10 percent had already purchased a pricey Tag Heuer option.

Bugatti Smartwatch Warranty

In another perhaps surprising turn of events, Bugatti’s new smartwatches aren’t just relatively affordable; they also come with an impressive five-year limited warranty. It’s something that’s largely unheard of, even from big-name manufacturers like Apple and Samsung.
For those seeking further protection, though, an extended smartwatch warranty remains highly advisable. Available from Upsie, coverage includes protection accidents such as drops and cracks, liquid spills and other unfortunate mishaps.
Early buyers can lock in an exclusive Bugatti smartwatch warranty now at or through the Upsie smartphone app, available via Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

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